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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Chapter One.

I've been meaning to do this for a while. .. start a new blog that is. I was a bit of a 'Tumblr' addict a couple years ago but I thought it was time for a change. The time has come to enter the adult internet world. So that takes me to the present: lying in bed on a Tuesday morning. I'm avoiding getting dressed for a shift that starts in an hour while trying to describe myself without using repetitive/sickening clichés. Inspiration always strikes you at the perfect time, right?
My name is Lydia. I'm 19 and live in South West London. I'm currently on a gap year/six months as I left one university to attend another this coming September. I like to think I don't fulfil the 'gap yar' stereotype - and if you haven't seen this YouTube video you need to NOW. I'm currently working as a Sales Consultant (shop floor girl) in a popular British High Street fashion store which is teaching me a lot about the working world. Plus, I adore shopping and have an impulse buying problem so I thought I might as well turn one of my greatest loves into a job.
In all seriousness though, literature is my first love which is why I'm so desperate to go back to university. Jane Austen and the Brontës are like Gods to me. My long-term boyfriend Jonny is a close second!
Some of my other quirks include my obsession with animals (I live in a zoo), my epic collection of nail varnish, my stack of 'Vogue's and other trashy magazines I collect along the way, plus my never-ending need for clothes. I sometimes feel like the embodiment of a materialist, capitalist culture... and I think I'm okay with that. 
Above all though, I'm a writer. That's what this new blog is about. Having a fresh start and exploring the things I love again.
But for now, I really do need to get dressed.

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