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Friday, 27 June 2014

Fashion Inspiration Friday - Emma Stone.

This week's Fashion Inspiration Friday was an easy one for me. Ever since I saw her hit teen comedy, 'Easy A', a couple years back, I have been a devout Emma Stone fan. She was even my first pin on Pinterest! The reason she's so universally popular is because she's so relatable. She's not afraid to be silly on national television - she's like our celebrity best friend. Plus, with her flawless wardrobe, I like to think that she'd let me borrow whatever I wanted! Whether she's grabbing her morning coffee or posing next to her co-star turned boyfriend on the red carpet, Emma Stone always looks flawless.                                                                                 
Her everyday style is effortlessly put together. Classic blue skinny jeans and a sweet jumper paired with heeled boots and a fitted coat makes for tailored yet casual look. While the ripped skinnies combined with a classic tan coat gives her second look a bit of edge. I think that's what I love most about Emma's style - she always looks so skilfully styled yet still captures that air of effortlessness. Her style seems attainable and grounded, much like herself I suspect. 
Perhaps this is where the stylists come in but Emma is not afraid of pushing boundaries when it comes to her red-carpet couture. This pink ensemble is possibly my favourite red carpet look of all time! I just love it. The two different shades work coherently together to create a flirtatious and fresh look. The fishtail plait also so looks so cute. Equally, her canary yellow gown is reminiscent of old Hollywood in its design. Yet the daring colour brings it into the 21st century by making it suitable for one of Hollywood's biggest young starlets.
Emma Stone's popularity is based on her profound like-ability - she is one of the voices of her generation. She's a witty, intelligent, and successful young woman and her style absolutely reflects her character.


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  1. Gosh, isn't she just stunning?

    1. Absolutely! Yet so relatable - I like to think she's pretty down-to-earth haha xx


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