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Friday, 20 June 2014

Fashion Inspiration Friday - Lauren Conrad.

It is impossible to deny the fact that we live in a culture obsessed with celebrities. Top television producers have created the age of the reality star: where you watch people's supposedly 'real' lives on TV and then somehow can't get away from them ever again. I didn't even pay any attention to Katie Price when she was on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here and yet I somehow know the intimate details of her many marriages. I have, however, indulged in every series of +MTV 's 16 & Pregnant and the follow-up series, Teem Mom. It's my ultimate guilty pleasure. You can't escape reality stars these days. To be honest, I generally stick my nose up to reality television - I would happily lead an intervention against the UK's Big Brother. But the one show I adored as a pre-teen was none other than MTV 's The Hills. More specifically, I was obsessed with +Lauren Conrad. Who am I kidding, I still am. She could do know wrong - she was the moral compass of that strange group of fame-hungry socialites. Whether she was telling her ex-BFF Heidi that she wanted 'forgive' and 'forget' her (classic television moment) or christening Audrina's bad boyfriend 'Justin Bobby', Lauren always provided such words of wisdom that I could really relate to growing up. Despite Lauren's dynasty on The Hills being long over, I still follow her website religiously and even own her 'Beauty' and 'Style' guides. So when I was deciding which celebrity to feature as the first of 'Fashion Inspiration Friday' pieces, Lauren Conrad was a no brainer.
Conrad has a very specific look which was clearly influenced by her time as 'America's Sweetheart' - if you think about it, LC represented the typical American teenage girl of the noughties. She was our favourite on Laguna Beach and she remains a role model almost ten years later. Her style has always been classic and fool-proof. When I was researching this article, I lost count of the hundreds of images of Conrad's uniform: a flirty dress/skirt with a simple, yet feminine, blazer to pull the look together. In my own wardrobe, I own countless sweet little skirts - Lauren Conrad has clearly had an influence on my own style. This is so sad but when I was younger and was stumped on what to wear, I'd always think to myself 'what would Lauren Conrad pick?'. To this day, I will have a flick through her 'Style' bible for inspiration. Perhaps this is my London girl roots talking to me, but while Conrad uses her staple blazer to complete the look, I prefer to add a touch of edge with a leather biker jacket. I think it just makes the outfit a tad more interesting - but then again, I don't like in sunny Los Angeles.
At the same time, I really admire Conrad's more casual,
everyday look. As the owner of two very energetic dogs, I struggle with what to wear on walks. You want need something that's comfortable and easy to move in. But then I hate feeling slobby, even if it's only a quick half hour walk round the common. That's why Lauren has really hit the nail hit on the head here. Her black, fringed flat boots are on trend yet relaxed and add a bit more interest to a classic jeans and vest top outfit. Even her hair is flawless! I have to put my crazy thick locks in a pony tail when I'm on the common because it just gets so windy. Otherwise I look like Chewbacca from Star Wars - I wish that was a joke. Plus sunglasses are a must, even if you live in rainy old London. I'll definitely be channeling this look in my summer dog walks! Conrad even looks fab just running errands in LA. Hats are something I avoid like the plague. I have a strangely big head and really fine hair so it's impossible trying to keep a beanie in place. Having seen how Conrad pulls it off so effortlessly though has inspired me to think again - I'm sure there's a way you can subtly pin them into place anyway. Oversize cardigans are also one of my favourite things to wear. They're just so comfortable and stylish at the same time. Even though Conrad's look is simple, it's effective and so well put together. She looks effortlessly glamourous - and isn't that every fashion-conscious woman's aim?
I suppose this is overlapping into the beauty department here (No pun intended! Conrad also runs The Beauty Department blog). I have been inspired by Conrad's hair for the longest time. She's undergone many hair transitions since she's been under the media spotlight, like every woman really, but her current style and colour has got to be my favourite. Her shade is a pretty dirty blonde in contrast to her locks ten years ago. When she first appeared on our screens, she was a bleach blonde California girl - but isn't going a bit OTT with the bleach a rite of passage for all blondes? It was for me at least. Anyway, I adore this floral headband - I've actually been after one for a while now. If anyone knows where I could find one on a budget that would be so appreciated! Because my own hair is so thick and has a life of its own I usually let it do its thing. But Conrad sets a perfect example here for a sweet and subtle tweak to your everyday hair routine. A floral headband is cute yet so simple and easy.

Despite leaving the world of reality television five years ago, Lauren Conrad has remained in the media spotlight for a reason. Her online presence and flawless outfits means she can still connect with fans without inviting them into every aspect of her life. In that way, I think she's gained more respect in Hollywood - she served as this style-savvy voice of reason. Her fashion choices are just as accurate as her personal ones. Famous for her effortlessly glamourous style, Lauren Conrad is perfect when it comes to looking for fashion inspiration. Conrad's Instagram suggests that her wedding is coming up very very soon - I can't wait to see which gown she'll choose. No doubt it'll be stunning.

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