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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Liberty Sale Haul.

I am so lucky to have such a cool Mum. When I rolled out of bed this morning, my plans consisted of blogging most of the day and baking a cake. I like to take things easy on my day off! Especially as the majority of my friends seem to be in Thailand on their gap years. So when Mum suggested hitting the first day of the +Liberty London  sale, I was more than happy to oblige. I have many happy memories in that store - it's where I bought my +Mulberry Alexa satchel which I spent all my Starbucks savings on just after I turned 17. So we jumped on the tube and made our way over to Central London - even spotting +Fresh Meat's Charlotte Ritchie (Oregon) on the way there. I majorly fangirled on the tube and had to resist the urge to ask for a photo - I tried to play it cool and completely failed by continually making awkward eye contact and smiling. Oh well, I'm a massive fan. At least now she knows!

I always stop to admire the gorgeous building that is the West End's iconic department store - it's a stunning tudor building situated in the heart of central London. The juxtaposition of old, historical buildings and new, up-and-coming brands is one of the things I love about London. Liberty, of course, has been around since the 19th century. Famous for its floral prints, Mum was eager to rummage through the scarves sale while I obviously hit the beauty department. I absolutely love the wall of nail varnish and have to exert as much self-control as possible when picking colours. I have over 75 nail varnishes... my addiction is getting a tad out of hand. Anyway, I had a rummage through their sale +Essie colours and picked a couple that I purchased guilt-free at a great price (pictured above: 'Under Where?', 'A-List', 'Meet Me At The Altar') At a discount of £5, I think £5.50 is pretty damn good for such a great quality nail varnish. My boyfriend thinks I'm mad.
As expected, the handbag sale was complete madness - pushing, shoving, the whole lot. I've been on the hunt for a new wallet for a while so I dived in with the rest. I'm always startled by how much brands charge for their purses - I'm aware that they're great quality leather and such pretty designs but £200 for a wallet, really? I'd have no money to put it in it! #ironic. Having said that, if I did have the funds, I imagine I'd quite happily splurge.
Just for fun, Mum and I wandered upstairs to have a look at the sale clothes and admire their wackily wonderful shoe department. As the proud owner of a +Sex And The City box-set, I always like to have a look at the +Manolo Blahnik shoe room. Taking pride of place in his unique display were really sweet variations of the 'Sex and the City Movie' heel - the ones that Carrie collects from her dream closet which ultimately leads to her  reunion with Mr. Big. The movie is silly but the shoes are perfection. If you've got a spare £600.000 going to waste, the SATC high heels are now available in the spring-like colours, pastel pink, purple, orange, and red - or you could pay homage to Carrie and buy the original navy blue. If only.

Having described all this to my mother in great detail - who was busy trying on a pair of sale Valentino heels and only half-listening - we wandered back through the sale racks towards the exit. On my way in I couldn't help but notice the most incredible +Muubaa leather jacket. It was exactly what I'd been looking for - a black biker jacket with a dainty curved collar that skimmed the figure rather than covering it up. I have been trying on loads of leather jackets at work and they all seemed too boxy - they did me no favours. This jacket is made out of light lamb leather and has just the right balance between edginess and femininity. The second I tried it on, I was in love. It's so versatile and classic. My mum tried it too and it looked just as great on her. It was £190 down from £380 which is a decent price for a quality jacket like this - so we literally bought two for the price of one! We thought as I'm going to uni in September then it's just about okay - plus my Mum looks more like my sister. It was in no way expecting to come home with a such a splurge today but I'm so glad I did. I've been evaluating my entire wardrobe over in my head and it goes with everything; girly sundresses, classic skinny jeans, and my vast array of skirts. I know already that I'm going to be living it in for years to come..
All in all, the Liberty sale is super. Plus, it's true what they say about us girls all becoming our mothers. But with a mother like mine, that's okay with me.

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