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Monday, 30 June 2014

Life Lately.

It was only three weeks ago that I was thinking of things to pass the time while my boyfriend was revising for exams. Despite having a Tumblr blog for two years, I never managed to stay completely devoted to it. I would post every so often and then get disheartened - I felt like I was a bad blogger anyway because I wasn't updating it enough so why bother? So I signed up to Blogger in an attempt to start afresh - it was something I'd been considering for a while. Starting 'LydiaLulu' has reminded me of me own creativity. Having left university in March, I felt like I wasn't using my brain at all. I enjoy writing and reading if only for the mental stimulation! I was spending all my time either at work or on Netflix. I'm in a long-distance relationship and most of my friends are on their gap years travelling the world. It's safe to say that I was lacking a social life. But when I started writing again, I felt rejuvenated - as if my brain was waking up from a deep sleep. I find writing so therapeutic. My new favourite pass-time is scouring Bloglovin' for beauty advice and other relatable posts. I feel as if I'm doing something useful with my time, instead of slogging through my retail job. I've fast become a Blogger addict and I wonder why I didn't do this years ago.
Speaking of which, I haven't been posting all that much recently because I've been working like a crazy person. I woke up early this morning hoping to spend the day catching up with 'LydiaLulu' and what's been going on with the blogosphere. My heart sunk when I saw my work's number flash up on my phone. Turns out, someone had put the first draft of the rota on display and I was supposed to be working from 9:30-18:30. At that moment it was 9:27. I ran down there as quickly as I could - only having time to spray half a can of Batiste on my greasy roots and with very sloppy make-up. I have never felt so disgusting but got there just minutes before opening. Phew. It was a tough day - especially when I noticed my manager hadn't processed my holiday request. She wasn't happy in the slightest but I stood my ground which was the quite the personal milestone.
The reason I wanted to write this little post was to express how much I love having my little space on the internet. Where I can write about my interests and what's happening in my life. A public diary if you will. Nowadays, I feel odd if I don't update my blog - as if something is missing. Of course it's work... but it's the kind of work that I'd someday like to devote my life to.

My favourite workplace.



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