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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Lydia Lulu's Guide to Relaxation.

As a sales assistant working in a popular British high street store, work is crazy at the moment. To anyone who is not a die-hard shopaholic, it's sale season and customers (myself included) will go to long lengths to get the items they're after. And if they're a good enough price, why not? As work has been so hectic recently, I thought I'd take today off to relax and catch up with my reading which suffers a hell of a lot when I'm tired.
The first thing I do whenever I come home, whether I've had a long shift or have just popped out to run errands, is make a cup of tea. Without fail. This is my favourite mug which I use morning, noon, and night - not just because it's sweet but fits twice the amount of caffeine. It's still available in Oliver Bonas and Urban Outfitters stores but fails to come up on their website - I did just come across this incredible Jane Austen mug that has been added to my wishlist. I'm not sure if it's normal to love mugs as much as I do. I did get one that says 'My Name is Lydia and I'm a Bookaholic' for my 18th birthday. I think that says a lot.
Which leads me nicely onto my next step to relaxation... reading. As a soon-to-be English Literature student, reading has always been a big part of my life. I was 14 when I first read Charlotte Brontë's 'Jane Eyre' and, without sounding melodramatic, I consider it a crucial moment in my life - it was when I realised how wonderful and inspiring the classics were. I soon started on Jane Austen, Sylvia Plath, Truman Capote, and Tolstoy. Despite my love of clothes shopping, going into my local Waterstones is always so much fun... and dangerous for my bank balance. As Charlotte Brontë had such a profound effect on me five years ago, I thought it was time I read 'Vilette', her most autobiographical and moving novel. I'm loving it. But at the same time, I like to sit down and properly concentrate on my books, rather than hastily reading them during short lunch breaks. Now I have the time to enjoy and analyse it properly.
Just to set the mood a little, I always light a candle. I stock up on as many Bath and Body Works candles as I can whenever I'm in the States. The scents are gorgeous and more experimental than what you get in the UK. I get bored of the standard rose or vanilla packages. In my vast repertoire of candles, I have Espresso, Raspberry, Gelato, Coconut Leaves, Sweet Macaroon, Frosted Cupcake (pictured), and Pomegranate. Plus, the Bath and Body Works three-wick candles last up to 40 hours and they're always having half-price sales. I've got my eye on the Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut scent!
Plus, what definitely makes a nice addition to a relaxing afternoon of reading and blogging is my lovely cat, Django. He's an absolute nutter, having just materialised from under my bed and plonked himself on top of it. He looks so comfy though, I can't bear to move him.
Now that everything is in its place, time to dive into the mind of Lucy Snowe and French 19th century society.


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