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Monday, 16 June 2014

My Not-So-Secret Obsession.

I was seven years old when I first heard +John Mayer's 'Your Body Is a Wonderland'. My family had just moved to Seattle, Washington and Mum was driving me and my older sister to school when it came on the radio. It was one of pop-rock songs the station played on repeat every morning (including Matchbox 20's 'Unwell' - still a great listen some nine years later) and I was hooked. It was catchy and heartfelt. I instantly loved Mayer's unusual voice - it was different to all the bubblegum pop I'd been exposed to as child in the 90s. Although looking back on it, it does seem a tad creepy that I adored a song that is basically about Mayer's admiration for the female figure.

I've been invested in Mayer's career since the age of seven. I was with him through the Jennifer Aniston days and his 'Hollywood Love Rat' phase. Even Taylor Swift's 2010 revealing song about their romance, 'Dear John', is beautiful. None of that really bothered me - as long as he's producing great music, I never really cared about his personal life.
What inspired me, however, to write this little homage to my favourite artist is Mayer's recent cover of Beyoncé's 'XO'. As a proper John Mayer nerd, I heard through the magic of the internet that he had performed this cover during at a concert in Sydney and that it'd been posted on YouTube. Just like the first time I heard 'Your Body Is a Wonderland', I was hooked. I kept listening to it on replay and even downloaded it as a mp3 file to have on my phone. That's why I was so happy when he responded to the positive attention the video received and recorded professionally.
I love music that I can connect with and relate to; I know that sounds mad. John Mayer, +Billy Joel , +Norah Jones , Corinne Bailey Rae, Snow Patrol, and KT Tunstall are just a few that spring to mind. I suppose that why I love John Mayer's sound -  I've practically grown up with him singing in the background. And it's exciting watching an artist flourish and develop. Anyway, I finally got to see Mayer in concert in October of last year and have had this clips sitting on my laptop for months now. I thought it was time I share them - they're well worth a watch. I think they'll even justify my love for his music. Just ignore my awful filming skills, oh my god.

So maybe I'm just a delusional superfan or maybe John Mayer really is a musical genius.


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