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Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Shopaholic's World Cup Equivalent.

I've been willing 11 o'clock to arrive for what seems like forever (like most people up and down the British Isles) but for a slightly different reason. You see, one of my favourite High Street branches, Miss. Selfridge, has launched a flash sale lasting the entirety of the England game and I could not wait to get my 20% off. It only seems fair, I don't have much interest in football! When I watch a game, all I see are over-rated, disgustingly over-paid young men running up and down a field. But annnnyway - don't want to be bitter - it can be great fun when the country comes together to celebrate/curse our boys.

I'd had my basket ready since 9, all I had to do was enter the promotional code and hit checkout. Disaster struck. The boyfriend cardigan I'd been yearning for had sold out. No wonder- it was £17 and looked just as beautiful as it did cozy. Panic hit me, what now? My necessary pair of  black jeans and the gorgeous floral dress were ready to go but now it felt like something was missing. In my shopaholic/woman-on-a-mission trance, I started scouring the website frantically for something to fill the void. I began adding all sorts of random floral, lacy things into my basket without paying any attention. Where some people binge-eat, I have a habit of binge shopping.

I don't know what snapped me out of my shopaholic stupor but I suddenly realised what I was doing. I returned to my basket and cleared out all the bits and bobs I'd thrown in. Except for the aztec skirt - that is a find I'm proud of. I guess what I'm trying to say is that sales are great. Until they get ugly - when you start buying things that you're not keen on just because they're at a discounted rate. Items that seem cheap as chips at the time add up over the long haul. Be sale savvy, go in knowing what you're looking for and the whole experience is so much more fun. Apart from my ten minutes of madness, I'm chuffed with my items. Thank you +Miss Selfridge , time now to join the rest of civilisation and watch the footy.

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