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Monday, 14 July 2014

Daisy Dream.

Having entered the blogosphere around about a month ago now, my discovery of some amazing beauty blogs has completely changed the way I shop for new products. I love reading reviews knowing that the new must-have beauty steal has been tried and tested by girls just like me. So when I was doing the rounds a couple weeks ago, I noticed that nearly every blog I stumbled upon was reviewing Marc Jacobs' new 'Daisy Dream' scent.
I instantly knew that I wanted it. I was in the middle of a perfume crisis having abandoned my faithful Gucci 'Flora' a while back. Since then, I'd been a bit of a perfume slut, trying all sorts of different scents. I think what attracted me to 'Daisy Dream' was the bottle itself... as superficial as that sounds. It's so delicate and summery. The sky blue liquid looked cool and fresh while the product's description sounded unique and interesting. Obviously I could only imagine what it smelt like while I was sitting behind a computer screen. Plus, 'Daisy Dream' is the latest addition to Marc Jacobs' hugely successful 'Daisy' collection so I knew it would live up to expectations.

Naturally, I did some research and realised that it was available at Duty Free in airports. My Dad happened to be travelling to South Korea last week and I begged him to pick me up a bottle at Terminal Five. After a long and particularly frustrating shift last Wednesday, I came home to find it waiting for me. Its fruity/floral scent was the perfect pick-me-up. 
With top notes of blackberry and pear and a heart of jasmine and wisteria, 'Daisy Dream' is unique in its mixture of floral and fruity. Yet instead of fighting against each other, these softer scents work together to create an overall sweet and dreamy perfume. I already know that this will be my new 'signature scent'. 'Daisy Dream' is now readily available in the UK from today. If you're also experimenting with perfume, this scent is a must. 

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