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Friday, 25 July 2014

Fashion Inspiration Friday - SATC's Charlotte York.

This week a video of every brand mentioned on the hit TV show, 'Sex and the City', became an internet sensation. It's nine minutes long and hilariously eye-opening. There's no denying that we live in a material world. Even our favourite programmes try and sell us this materialistic lifestyle of glitz and glammer - which you obviously can't achieve without Manolo Blahniks of course. Like so many women my age, and much older come to that, I'm a huge 'Sex and the City' fan. In its six year run, this show garnered fans of all ages and nationalities not just for its accurate presentation of female sexuality and relationships - but for the fashion. At times, I felt more invested in Carrie's wardrobe than her doomed on-and-off-again relationship with the infamously charming Mr. Big.
Whenever I indulge in an episode (as the owner of a box-set, this is practically daily), I can't help but admire the ladies' fashion sense. Samantha is confident and daring, Miranda simple and smart, Charlotte conservative and sweeter, and Carrie is hard to pin down. As the star, Carrie steals most of the audience's attention and she is often heralded as a fashion starlet as well as the show's heroine. But sometimes, those outfits were disastrous. Personally, I've always loved Charlotte - she was the token hopeless romantic which I still relate to. Plus, her fashion choices were always reliably pretty and practical. With the exception of the 'Luck to be an Old Lady' episode, where she dresses like a hooker in an Atlantic City casino, Charlotte always looked the part of an idyllic Park Avenue Princess and I loved that about her.


This sweet little strapless dress from the finale of Season Five stood out in my mind as one of my favourite Charlotte moments. She's more understated in her style - yet still carries that same sex appeal. I suppose that's what I admire about this character's fashion sense. Yes, I know she's a fictional character before I get too carried away. Plus, this is just a great episode in itself - the ladies attend a wedding in the Hamptons - but Charlotte's sweet little dress definitely steals the show.
When trying to pick images out for this article, I came across this fabulous photo from the 'Sex and the City Movie'. Again, Charlotte's dress is slightly more conservative and classic in comparison but she still holds her own within the glamourous gang.

Above all, however, I find Charlotte's everyday style the most relatable out of all the ladies. The first image is from Season 1 - you can tell at a mere glance that it's the late 90s. Although I wouldn't try a matching skirt, jacket, and handbag in this decade, Charlotte looks every inch the prim and proper, and simultaneously stylish, New York woman. It's classic Chanel with a twist. However, this is such a great scene - Charlotte asks the profound question, 'How well do we ever know the people we sleep with?', quickly followed by 'Does my hair look too shiny today?' Maybe this is why I've chosen Charlotte as my top style inspiration over the others - I see a lot of myself in her!
Charlotte also wears the Ralph Lauren logo, like this jumper, regularly throughout the series. In my own life, I usually avoid logos like the plague - Jack Wills is a prime offender. Who wants to look like a walking sandwich board? But the way Charlotte is styled makes it look effortless and sweet - she normally pairs them with jeans for an low-key, everyday look. Perhaps it's product placement at its finest but I love how simple and well put-together these outfits look. 
'Sex and the City' is one of those great shows that has achieved fashion guru status. And although I love our heroine, it would hard to watch the show without feeling for Carrie, I often think the other members of the gang are overlooked. I love how their personalities are reflected in their style - the show is made more convincing that way. We watch these fictional women flourish both in their personal lives and their fashion sense. As a character, Charlotte completely transforms throughout the series - with the exception of her domestic dream - but her style is always feminine and fashionable. A great combination.

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