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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Lazy Sunday.

In today's day and age, where we're always pushing ourselves to the extreme when it comes to work and play, it's so important to take some time to ourselves. Which is why Sunday is my favourite day of the week - it's the universal day of rest. Historically, Sunday was a day devoted to worship. While this might still be true for some, the rest of us use this 24 hours as rejuvenating period - to recover from the busy week that has just passed and prepare for upcoming days. Even when I occasionally work on the last day of the week, the store closes an hour early and the shift still feels pretty calm in comparison to our Saturday rushes. It feels like Sundays puts everyone in a good mood.
Maybe it's just because I'm on holiday on the Cornish coast but today has been particularly chilled. I had a lovely lie-in, put on my short-shorts because it's so warm, went on a beautiful coastal walk, and cruised my favourite beauty blogs. Yesterday I wrote quite a personal post about my experience with anxiety - taking some time for myself really helps me calm down if I'm ever feeling stressed. Even if it's just reading a magazine or taking a walk for a quick half an hour, little things like this can make a world of difference. 
I always try to keep my hair and make-up to a minimum on days like these. Letting your skin breathe is the most refreshing feeling after consecutive days of cakey powders and concealers. Today I've gone for a coat of Benefit mascara, some loose bareMinerals powder, and Revlon's 'Colorburst Balm Stain' in 'Honey Douce' - the latest addition to my carefree holiday make-up bag. 


Like I mentioned earlier, Sunday is all about relaxing and preparing for the week ahead. When I was a student, I'd ideally like to have Sundays free from revision. But sometimes that's just not possible - in which case, I'd leave Sundays for extra reading and editing of essays. Something not too strenuous gives your brain a bit of a break. If I've had any late nights or had general bad sleeping patterns during the week then this is when I like to catch up on some sleep... or maybe that's just what I tell myself to justify my inability to get out of bed come Sunday morning. Plus, a late start results in a late breakfast which then becomes the perfect excuse to go out for brunch! A lovely breakfasty buffet with mimosas is ideal at the end of a tiring week. What better way is there to treat yourself than a combination of croissants and cocktails? 

Some of my lazy Sunday rituals include:
  1. Painting my nails while drinking tea, and watching 'Teen Mom 2' - my ultimate favourite trash TV show.
  2. Taking the dogs on a special dog walk somewhere different - this makes it more fun for them and is a welcome change for us.
  3. Catching up with a friend over coffee. 
  4. Baking! I forget how therapeutic it is, plus you end up with something special for for dessert.
  5. Running errands - when you're relaxed, this can actually become quite a satisfying way to spend your day. It also means you avoid your mid-week Superdrug dash which is always a bonus. 
  6. Discover some new blogs - one of my favourite things to do at the moment. Check out who I'm following on Bloglovin'
  7. Devote the day to writing - I often feel guilty that I don't update LydiaLulu enough. Writing some posts in advance means you're not stressing about inactivity during the week.
  8. Have a pampering day - do hair masks, facials, pedicures, all while guiltlessly eating chocolate. Anything you can think of to treat yourself will do.
  9. Do something spontaneous! Spend Sunday sightseeing. Go somewhere you've never been - I personally know that I don't take advantage of living in London. This is something I definitely need to do.
  10. Just do whatever feels right. If you feel like spending the day in bed, go for it. Discovered a new TV series of Netflix and can't get enough? Feel free to binge-watch. Treat yourself to an all-out lazy day if that's what you need. Even if it isn't always Instagram-worthy, that doesn't make it any less fun.
So enjoy your Sunday - after all, it only comes around once a week.

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