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Monday, 28 July 2014

Stop and Smell the Roses.

One of my favourite films of 2013 had to be 'About Time'. Although it didn't make my 'Top Five Ultimate Chick Flick' list, this is a rom-com with a meaning - beyond that of a incredibly sweet love story. In short, and without giving away too many spoilers, it's the story of an awkward young guy who learns he can travel in time and sculpt his life in whatever way he wants. He uses this to win the heart of Mary - played by Rachel McAdams, who can blame him. But despite having this extraordinary gift, Tim learns to appreciate the beauty of life. To treat everyday as if he had travelled backwards in time just to experience its beauty and meaning - even if it's just a mundane day of the week. Even though this movie is so incredibly far-fetched, I find it's message really beautiful.

So when I was called into work this morning on my day off, I was not so pleased. I had wanted to spend the day catching up on writing - especially as I had the craziest weekend at work and had fallen behind. But I ultimately felt like I should help out. When I got to the store, I was in a pretty good mood. I'd had a lovely chat with my boyfriend on the way there, had pleasant customers come in and ask for assistance, and was enjoying chatting to my colleague, Melissa. It was strange. When the store gets busy, I feel like I go into default mode - I become some sales assistant machine. But today, I felt like myself and I was actually enjoying speaking to people and just going about my work stress-free. I found myself enjoying the little things - which is so unusual when I've been asked to work overtime.
On route home, I picked up a coffee and chatted to the barista about our similar experiences in the service industry, I got home and had a nice long shower, even used a hair mask which is always a luxury, and rang some friends to confirm our cinema plans for tonight.
I feel like I often get lost in my busy everyday routine - I'm always putting pressure on myself to excel in every aspect of my life. For some reason, I felt relaxed today. Like a weight had been lifted and I could function properly and efficiently without always fretting about the little things. Maybe this is only temporary but I feel as if I'm living in the moment instead of being lost in my own head. Which is why I think the underlying meaning of 'About Time' is so important. Life is short. I'm heading to uni in less than two months! It's important to take time to appreciate the little things. As the old saying goes, stop and smell the roses.

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