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Friday, 4 July 2014

I'm Bun Donut Happy.

Sometimes, having long, thick hair is a mixed blessing. Don't get me wrong, I'm emotionally attached to every strand - trips to the hairdressers are a very emotional experience for me. But it gets frustrating when I can't do anything to my hair- my look is restricted to a basic ponytail or just letting it run free.  A couple of girls at work have been sporting the bun trend for a while now and I thought it was about time to give it a go. I normally write off hair trends because I simply can't get mine to co-operate but this seemed simple enough. As I have a lot of hair, I can't get anyway with the popular technique of just tucking the ends underneath the donut. Instead, I have to wrap my remaining pony tail around the outside of the bun and secure with bobby pins. I'm so happy I found this YouTube tutorial - I was just about ready to pack the whole thing in. As for the hair donuts themselves, they're readily available in pharmacies but I picked mine up in 'H&M' for £1.99! Absolute bargain. I absolutely love the look of the bun and it makes a really sweet hairstyle for work - especially when I'm running around and don't have time to worry about my hairs doing. If you're stuck in a hair rut like me, the bun donut is a really sweet, Summer option. 

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