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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

What's in My Handbag?

I'm a nosey person by nature... but when it comes to fashion, beauty, and skincare, who isn't intrigued by other's women's style and make-up routines? Therein lies the success of the 'YouTuber'. Anyway, I quite happily spend a lot of time reading 'What's in My Handbag?' posts and thought it was about time to join in one of my favourite trends. Although technically, I did this about 3 years ago on my 'Tumblr' blog of the time when it first started trending which is incredibly cringey to look back on.
So in three years, the bag hasn't changed. I don't suspect it ever will. As I outlined here a few weeks back, my Mulberry Alexa is like my baby. I worked so hard to save up my money - and ignored when friends and family told me I was mad - and it was so worth it. I chose the classic 'oak' shade because I thought it would go with everything... and it really does. The Alexa is always being released in new colours and materials but I'm happy with the one I chose. I never have to worry about switching handbags to match an outfit - if anything, I feel like it compliments everything in my wardrobe. Alexa adds the perfect fashionable touch to any outfit and she comes with me everywhere. Three years on and I'm still in love. 
But anyway, this is called 'What's in my Handbag?' not 'I'm a Crazy Woman Obsessed with an Inanimate Possession'. I've always needed a handbag that carry plenty in it. I'm a Literature student after all and I constantly have a book on the go - Nancy Mitford's 'Don't Tell Alfred' at the moment. Plus, my magazine addiction meant that Alexa always needed to be able to squeeze 'Vogue' in somehow. Even though it gets heavy at times, the upside is that my bag always keeps its shape. The Alexa has a tendency to collapse inwards if remains empty. 
When I have an all-day shift at work I like to take my make-up bag and perfume with me so I can freshen up a bit. Running around after customers and scaling ladders can be quite physical work so I don't like worrying about what my make-up is doing when I've got more important things to do. My Grandma gave me this cute 'Cath Kidston' make-up bag years ago and I'm still using it. It's the perfect size - it fits everything I need and is compact enough to fit in my handbag when I'm strapped for time. I also picked up a pack of Q-Tips at the last hotel I stayed in - ideal for liquid eye-liner dilemmas. 
I was not lucky enough to be blessed with the perfect complexion and often find my T-Zone becomes very oily during the day - especially when the weather brightens up. To combat unwanted shine, 'Sephora''s blotting pads are an absolute life-saver. They just freshen up the face without spoiling your make-up. If I ever became oily in the past, I'd simply pile more and more powder on my nose which only ever made it worse. Blotting pads are a godsend for girls with my complexion. An added bonus is that the 'Sephora' ones come in a selection of colours - I chose pink, naturally.
Like the nail varnish addict that I am, I like to have the colour I'm wearing with me too in case of emergencies. As a sales assistant, I'm literally not allowed to have chipped nails. So when I chip my manicure doing something at work, it's nice to be able to fix it quickly with no hassle. My 'Sephora' nail file is also a must. Call me a perfectionist, but I like to have nice nails... at all times.
Having thick hair can also be a bit of a nightmare sometimes. It has a life of its own and refuses to cooperate most of the time which is why I carry hair grips with me wherever I go. I have to use the massively oversized sliders and sometimes even they don't work. But it's reassuring to know that I can pin my hair back to my heart's content when I'm out and about. A mini hair brush is also a given for thick-haired girls like me. I chose this cute pink 'Sephora' one last time I was in New York. (I'm starting to spot a trend here) A mini can of 'Batiste' is the latest addition to my handbag and an important one at that. It means I don't have to worry about greasy hair which is so reassuring. The floral scent is my favourite of the range just because it disguises that tell-tell dry shampoo smell. 
Then there's the basic purse, keys, and sunglasses you find in any woman's handbag. I know they're unadventurous but my 'Ray Ban' wayfarers come with me everywhere. I don't care that everyone seems to have them, I think they're classic. I chose a slightly smaller style which gives them a more feminine fit. They're useful to hide behind them when I'm running errands in my make-up-less, tracksuit bottomed state.
Writing this post has made me realise that a woman's handbag is like a suit of armour. All the little things that I carry round with me help me get through the day. Whether its my book, my perfume, my make-up, or my headphones, (not pictured here - but an absolute necessity nonetheless) the contents of my handbag gives such insight into who I am as a person. Looking into a woman's handbag is like looking into her soul! You can tell that I'm a fashion-conscious bookworm with an attraction to pink. I feel lost without a handbag, it's comforting to carry round. It's lovely knowing that everything I need can fit into my gorgeous little Mulberry Alexa. 

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