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Monday, 8 September 2014

A Good Pair of Heels.

Like many women, I have a difficult relationship with high heels. On the one hand, nothing beats a pair of killer heels. Wearing heels adds sophistication, glamour, a touch of sexiness to any outfit. They're the perfect accessory. But they also enjoy watching women suffer. They are designed to elongate and slim the legs, not to be comfortable. They can be extremely painful at times - note the time I wore a pair of Kurt Geiger stilettos to my prom and Jonny ended up carrying me to the car at the end of the night...
A good pair of heels are invaluable. I love being a couple extra inches taller. It's so empowering... or is it? I read an interesting, and quite comical, feminist theory that high heels are a way of slowing women down in the workplace? Causing us pain and even working as a distraction while flat-footed men race up the ranks.
I'll never forgot a customer I served when I was sixteen and working as a Barista in my local Starbucks. He was a regular with us, came every morning at the crack of dawn and would try and mooch free coffee. One day he commented on my workwear, telling me that I looked 'dowdy' and that he liked his women in 'sky high heels' that made their legs look never-ending. I was slightly appalled (I wore black denim to and from the store because it was my uniform, thank you very much) but realised that he had a point. High heels are intricately linked to sex appeal. Are they just another way to objectify women in the modern world?
Or perhaps high heels really are empowering. They could be a way of embracing our sexuality and taking pride in our appearance. Heels aren't made for comfort but there's no denying that they're beautifully designed. A glimpse of Carrie Bradshaw's immense collection in 'Sex and the City' is enough to make me swoon. After all, Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin are considered artists in their fields.
So today I went into the store on my day off to have a quick trying-on session of some of our latest arrivals. My discount expires on my last shift on Wednesday so naturally I wanted to see if there was anything I desperately needed! I'd been eyeing up these shoes for a while. They're the Poppy Two Part Block Heel in Pink and I'm in love. I hadn't tried them on before, in the fear that I'd start pining for them, and they're gorgeous. I thought their subtle shade on pink might wash out my already pretty pale legs - but they're perfect. As a general rule, a thick strap slims the legs and looks lovely and elegant. They're my ideal heels - not too high, a comfortable-ish heel, and a cute colour. I can't wait to wear these out - I've been trying to get the girls together for drinks just so they can make their debut. As if I could be looking forward to university any more, I'm even more excited to wear them for Freshers Week.

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