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Friday, 5 September 2014

Benefit Appreciation.

Without a shadow of a doubt, I am a Benefit girl through and through. I repurchased Benefit's 'Erase Paste' for what feels like the millionth time yesterday when I realised that I hardly use any other brands. Why fix something that isn't broken? As much as I love reading beauty blogs, I'm pretty nervous when it comes to trying out new looks. I'm quite terrified of eyeshadow. The most daring I go is a slick of pink lipstick or a messy feline flick. But I love my Benefit products and they've served me so well over the years.
Like I mentioned in my 'Chelsea Haul' post, Benefit is a brand I've come to know and love. My heart skips a beat when I approach the counter and see all the new products that have recently launched. Having said that I'm cautious with make-up, what I like about Benefit products is that they are pretty fool-proof. No brushes and tools required - I can quickly put my face on just using my fingertips to blend. 'The Big Easy' is the latest addition to my collection and I'm already a convert. It's a gorgeous liquid-to-powder formula that is so light on the skin but provides ample coverage. I hate feeling caked in make-up and I avoid liquid foundations like the plague. I experimented with powders for some time but found that they just didn't have the longevity to last my working hours. This is a perfect balance between the two. It makes me skin look dewey and healthy which I always thought was impossible - I have incredibly oily skin and thought this look would always be off-bounds for me. I apply 'The Big Easy' first after cleansing, when my skin is nice and refreshed. I follow this with a sweep of 'Erase Paste' under my eyes and over any blemishes. This stuff has a beauty cult following for a reason - it's the only concealer I've ever used and works like a charm. It covers any under-eye circles so easily and makes the skin look brighter and more 'awake' - something that is so crucial for me when I'm doing the morning shift! Its also a godsend when I'm having a bad skin day. My only critique is that it's a quite a heavy formula. It's therefore amazingly long-lasting but means it can feel quite cakey if you apply too much. I then dot a bit of 'High Beam' along my cheekbones to highlight and define my lack of cheekbones. This dreamy pink, pearly product has been in my make-up bag since the beginning of time. It's a huge favourite with celebrities - I remember feeling really chuffed with myself when Kylie Minogue revealed that it was one of her must-haves. The great thing about 'High Beam' is that you hardly need any to create the defined effect, which means it lasts forever. I've had this bottle since 2012 and its still going strong - I imagine it's past its expiry date but I don't like throwing away anything that hasn't run its course.
On the eyes, it has to be 'They're Real!' mascara. This is the UK's top selling mascara and I can't count how many I've repurchased over the years - I dread to think. It's incredible. It opens up the eyes and leaves your lashes looking long and luscious. You can get the same effect with cheaper mascaras (I was a Maybelline girl before I discovered 'They're Real!'), but what really makes Benefit stand out is its lasting-power. This mascara has super-strength, it just doesn't budge until you want to remove it and that's a challenge in itself. Benefit have even released a specific eye make-up remover as a result. I also indulged in the 'They're Real!' matching liquid eyeliner when it was first released. There was so much hype around the product that I couldn't wait to try it. The jury is still out on this one, however. I love the amazing rubber applicator which makes life a lot easier but I haven't quite mastered it yet.  My line always comes out quite thick and I much prefer the precision of a thin little flick. I feel like this ones takes a bit of getting used to... but I'm on my way.
Finally, I picked up 'Lolli Balm' when I was stocking up on concealer yesterday. I read a review on one of my favourite blogs - 'Couture Girl' - and thought, why not give them a go? From Kayleigh's photos, I thought 'Posie Balm' would be a really sweet soft pink, but in actuality it was more coral in tone. Instead, I went for the lilacy, pink 'Lolli balm' and so far, so good. It's wonderfully moisturising and the colour is not too bright or brash. Recently I've been despairing over my lip products and so this is a welcome addition to my collection. I often find that products build up in the corners of your mouth when too much has been applied which is never a good look. Because 'Lolli Balm' is so moisturising, I have high hopes for this tinted balm.

My everyday, Benefit make-up look.

Benefit is my ideal mix between a luxury and high street brand. It's products are on the slightly pricier scale but are of such great quality. They absolutely last long enough to justify spending a bit extra. After all, if you keep having to top up on cheaper make-up then it all adds up in the long-run. I like to splurge in some areas and save it others. Concealers and other skin perfecting remedies is where I invest. But once you've tried 'They Real!' mascara, there really is no going back. Even my Mum is a convert. It's always fun to experiment with other products and other brands, but I always find myself running back to the Benefit counter afterwards - even just to check up on what I've missed. I guess I really am a Benebabe.

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