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Monday, 15 September 2014

My Favourite Blogging Reads.

Since starting LydiaLulu about four months ago now, I've fallen fast and hard for the blogging community. Seriously, I don't know what I did before I signed up to Bloglovin'. I rocked up to this online party pretty late - seeing as some of those blogs have been running for years - but I feel like I've become part of a community and that in itself is pretty special. In the short time that I've been blogging, I've come across some really wonderful, and often undiscovered, blogs. I thought it was about time I shared my favourite reads.

Words cannot express how obsessed I am with Anna's blog - although the professional layout of her site makes her feel more like a brand. I suppose she is a professional blogger, after all. The first time I came across her blog was when I was in Newcastle for my sister's graduation a couple of months ago. I was in my own hotel room and couldn't get to sleep so I naturally started perusing Bloglovin''s 'Popular Posts' tab. I stumbled across Anna's 'What's in My Handbag' post and couldn't help but notice that she had the Whistles bag I had been lusting over, albeit in a different colour. I immediately began binge-watching her videos there and then. Since then, I've bought the Whistles bag and become a devout VDM fan. Reading Anna's blog is like flicking through the pages of a your favourite magazine - she never fails to entertain and her make-up tips and trips are flawless. 

Bloomin Rouge | Holly

'Bloomin Rouge' is a relatively new find for me but it's fast become one of my favourites. What struck me when I first came across Holly's blog is her wonderful layout - it's so feminine yet wonderfully minimalistic. We're all fickle creatures really, a good design makes for a easy and enjoyable reading. I loved her post on 'Glowing Skin for Oily Girls' as this was a look I'd often strived for but felt I couldn't because of my pesky oil-prone complexion. Holly's blog is a great mixture of beauty and lifestyle - personally, I always like to get to know my favourite bloggers. After all, blogs are normally a personal space and I like that Holly includes pieces of herself amidst her beauty posts. 

JennyPurr | Jen

'JennyPurr' was one of the first blogs I followed way back in June and I always find myself 'liking' Jen's posts. Jen tackles all kinds of genres when it comes to her blog and she never restricts herself to just one category. This is something I really admire about her work - and when I decided to give sponsorship a go, advertising on 'JennyPurr' was a bit of a no-brainer. I'm also a big fan of 'A Little Opulent' which Jen co-founded with Rebecca of 'From Roses' - another wonderful read if you're ever in need.

Nouvelle Daily | Various

I'd been following Kate's blog, 'Gh0st Parties', for a good few months when I found out that she also fronted an online magazine called 'Nouvelle Daily'. A few clicks on their most recent posts and I was hooked. 'Nouvelle Daily' includes everything from a 'University Checklist' to advice for planning a holiday. I love these short and sweet posts that always seem to brighten up my day. 

Lauren Conrad | Various

As if I needed more of a reason to love Lauren Conrad. This reality-TV star turned fashion designer turned blogger runs the most incredible website that I can waste hours clicking through. Even though Conrad doesn't write everything herself (her contributors are always labelled 'Team LC' - reminiscent of her 'Laguna Beach' days), Lauren's content is always a fun mix of food porn, exercise tips, and fashion posts. I love that Lauren also contributes more personal posts which show her in the midst of wedding planning or just hanging out with her friends. This blog gives me my 'The Hills' fix despite the show ending over four years ago.

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