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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Rolo Brownie Delight.

Ever get one of those moods where you just want to bake? For me, they happen more than I care to admit - but that's because I really love the process of baking. I'm not the most experienced cook - self-catered halls of residence are the only thing I'm nervous about when I head back to university in a couple weeks - but I've definitely earned my baking strips overing the years.
So when the mood struck a couple days ago, I headed straight for my Mary Berry 'Baking Bible' (like I wrote in this post, the woman is a goddess) but nothing really took my fancy. Actually, correction: I have an older sister who refuses to eat cooked fruit and a younger brother who only eats anything chocolate or lemon. Their preferences pretty much narrow down all my options. Out of interest, I took to the internet. With the simple search, 'baking inspiration', I quickly stumbled upon the website  and found this brownie recipe seconds later. Rolo brownies seemed too good to resist so I dashed down to Waitrose with my Mum and got started. Although, Rolos were harder to find than I first thought - I had to buy three individual packets from a newsagents as supermarkets have stopped stocking them.

Couldn't resist this adorable picture of Django cuddling up with a towel while my brownies were in the oven!

I've linked the recipe here in case you want to give them a try yourself - and you definitely should. The end result is a very decadent brownie which has gone down a storm in my household. They require more attention than other brownies I've made in the past but they're so worth it. The Rolos sink into the batter and the caramel disperses inside. I simply don't own a piping bag which the recipe suggests you use to decorate, so instead I melted the white chocolate chips first and covered my brownie slab with a layer and then followed it with the melted dark chocolate chips. Again, a bit more technical than your average brownie recipe but this sweetness counteracts the more bitter dark Muscovado sugar. I then served them with mascarpone and raspberries to complete this indulgent dessert. This recipe is an absolute crowd-pleaser and well worth a try. Plus, it's nice to have something to indulge in while watching Great British Bake Off on a Wednesday night!

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