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Monday, 1 September 2014

September Love.

Autumn is my favourite time of year. The weather starts to turn, you get to snuggle up in oversized jumpers, and the air feels crisp and fresh. Personally, I'm always find myself counting down the final days of Summer. Living in the UK especially means that the end of August is usually a strange transitional period -  it's not quite cold enough to delve into your Autumn wardrobe but you can feel Summer fading away for another year. September also marks the start of a new school year for many. 'Back to School' adverts appear left, right, and centre even when they don't apply to you anymore. Weirdly enough, I always liked the start of a new academic year. A clean slate.
This September is going to be particularly exciting for me. I have my final day at work in just 10 days and then I'm moving to Southampton shortly after to start university. My second chance. Now that Southampton is emailing me with all the things I have to do before I arrive, it's starting to feel all the more real. I'm so excited to study this amazing English Literature course and have a proper university experience... but it still feels so far away. I've been working so much that it's hard to believe that it's almost time to leave.
Similarly, I'm really excited about the future of LydiaLulu. With a beautiful new layout, courtesy of Baggle Web Design, I'm working hard to continue growing my little corner of the internet. Today I invested in a gorgeous new camera so I can use my own high quality images and continue adding to my Youtube channel which I'm falling in love with. This Autumn is going to be an exciting time for me in a number of ways.  
However, if not like me and mourning the loss of Summer, then here are some of my personal favourite things about Autumn:
  1. Slouchy jumpers and snuggly scarves.
  2. Collecting conkers - something I will never grow out of.
  3. Multiple cups of tea after a long day - my caffeine addiction worsens during this time of year.
  4. Getting caught in the rain and having a long, hot bath when you get home.
  5. Cozying up with a book in front of the fire.
  6. Autumn/Winter fashion - as if I needed more of an excuse to buy knitwear.
  7. Shorter days mean I make the most of the daylight.
  8. Saturday night television makes its yearly comeback in September - how I miss Strictly.
  9. Early evening dog walks in the dwindling light.
  10. London sunsets - nothing beats the pinky hues that glaze the evening sky.

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