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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

University: Take Two.

So I'm finally in Southampton. After months of working like a crazy person trying to save up money, it's all paid off. I'm back at university and experiencing Freshers Week in an entirely new place. And surprise, surprise... I'm loving it. This time last year, I was pretty miserable. I remember logging on to all sorts of social media outlets and watching my friends have the most amazing time at their Freshers Weeks. I, on the other hand, spend most evening sitting in my room eating microwave meals and wishing I was in London.
When I arrived here, just over a week ago now, I was terrified that the same thing would happen again. I was nervous that I'd be put in a rubbish flat, hate my course, and spend all my time visiting my boyfriend and family. But that anxiety disappeared the moment my Dad and I arrived on campus. I couldn't resist the urge to grab my camera and start snapping away. The Highfield campus at the University of Southampton is incredibly beautiful - you almost forget you're in a city because you're surrounded by greenery.

Once I'd completed all the necessary admin, the only thing left to do was move in. I have been so wonderfully lucky with both my flatmates and my accommodation this time round. My room is nice and spacious and I even have a queen-sized bed - something that is unheard of in university halls of residence. Although, I do still have the obligatory hideous curtains but I've quickly grown used to them. I've fast made the room my own and it's really starting to feel like home.
As one of three girls and three boys, the flat has a really relaxed vibe and we've all gotten to know each other pretty quickly. The past week has consisted of partying, sleeping, exploring, and socialising. Now that the dust has settled a bit and everything is started to calm down, business will be back to usual with my beloved LydiaLulu - I just needed those few days to really hit the ground running. Who knows how many societies I've joined since I've been here. I dread to think.

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