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Thursday, 2 October 2014

September Listens.

I wrote a post a few months back describing my ability to remember moments of my life by what my hair was doing. Well, the same is true when it comes to music. September was a huge month for me: I left work and home behind and moved my whole life to Southampton. I'm one of those people who can be so affected by a song - there's no denying that good music is incredibly therapeutic. So even though I'm having the time of my life here at the University of Southampton, my good ol' playlists from back home are helping me settle in.

1. Paramore, 'Proof'

On my first night here in Southampton, I bonded with a flatmate over our shared love of Paramore. I first discovered this band when I was an angsty teenager and fell in love with 'Misery Business' - one of their more angry songs I might add! Paramore's self-entitled album, which was released last year, is absolutely their best. I have not stopped listening to it since. Their latest work saw the band, and their slightly new line-up, dabble slightly in pop - which surprisingly, really works. As a long-term fan, it's so exciting to see one of your favourite bands try something new without losing their original sound. If anything, I'd say these slightly softer songs have made Paramore a little more accessible to greater audience. For me, 'Proof' is the standout song of this album but, as always, has been overlooked perhaps for commercial reasons. It's a fantastic mix of Paramore's rock roots and their new pop sound. A must-listen.

2. Madonna, 'Crazy for You'

The hopeless romantic's ultimate love song! I remember listening to this classic when Jonny and I had just started dating and feeling all soppy. This month we had a bit of a rough time with our consecutive big university moves. But now that we're back in a good place I couldn't resist this trip down memory lane. I become so invested in songs and I love reminiscing back to where we were a mere year ago to where we are now. 'Crazy for You' has taken on a new meaning this month.

3. Au Revoir Simone, 'Crazy'

Like I mentioned in last month's listens, working full-time in retail meant listening to the same tired playlist day-in and day-out. But sometimes, just sometimes, you'd discover a really great track that made it all worth it. 'Crazy' was one of those gems - it's a really fun and easy listening. Perfect for singing-along to and playing in the background when you're getting ready for a night out. Customers would always catch me singing along to this number because I seriously couldn't help it. One of my obscure favourites.

4. Ryan Adams, 'Come Pick Me Up'

This was another song that I was listening to just before I moved to university last year. As you can tell, I like revisiting my old favourites. For me, music is just like my favourite literature - with every listen you get a different meaning depending on what's going on in your life. That's why songs become so special to me - they almost become your own. I'm defined my favourite songs in the same way that my favourite works of literature have become part of my identity. 'Come Pick Me Up' is incredibly beautiful and so full of emotion. I decided to include this acoustic version in comparison to Adams' original as I feel like its softer in tone which only enhances its message. This song is my ideal escapism.

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