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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Review: 'Glam Glow' SuperMud Clearing Treatment.

As I mentioned in my #BeautyChatLIVE post last week, my little spending spree in Brighton's Space NK meant I walked away with a goodie bag full to the brim with some seriously wonderful products. I was honestly so excited at first I wanted to try them all at once... but I suppose that would have completely defeated the purpose.
So I've been gradually working through my bag like a normal, rational person and finally gave into the temptation of 'Glam Glow''s SuperMud Clearing Treatment this morning. This stuff is seriously old school, a mud mask that paralyses your face for the full recommended twenty minutes. It's charcoal grey in colour which dries a rather odd shade of green on your face. Like I said, seriously old school. In terms of smell, the only way I can possibly describe the scent is minty dirt. Yes, you read that right - 'minty dirt'. You wouldn't think that was particularly appealing but I actually found this product really satisfying to use. You spread a thin layer over the skin and then wait while it works its magic. I've always been a big fan of mud masks, I find them so therapeutic to use while also providing you with an excuse to pamper yourself. If only I had thought to invite the girls round to watch movies in our pyjamas - oh well, maybe we'll reenact that cliché next time.
Personally, my skin usually feels a bit lack-lustre after a night out - or maybe that's just the slight hangover talking. Nonetheless I felt in need of a pick-me-up this morning. Throughout my teens, my complexion was constantly oily and prone to break-outs. Weirdly enough, now that I'm about to turn twenty I've noticed a real change in my skin. It's a hell of a lot clearer and even gets dry in places - shock horror, had you told me this last year I would have laughed in your face and continued torturing my skin with 'oil-free' facial scrubs.

No shame: trying to pull an expression with a concrete on your face is tough. 

Having attempted to remain expressionless for the recommended time, the mask was really easy to remove and left my skin feeling cleansed and clean. I first got into face masks in my pre-teens and became addicted to the Superdrug own brand equivalent, in 'Raspberry Oatmeal' of course. As amazing as I remember them smelling (not an ounce of 'minty dirt' here), they would leave my skin feeling stripped and tight. A side effect which we all know results in your skin over-compensating in oil production to repair itself. Whoops.
The SuperMud Clearing Treatment, in turn, has left my oil-free all day. My skin had such a nice glow to it that I decided to have a make-up free day so I didn't spoil it by filling my cleansed pores with all sorts of products - a First World Problem if I ever heard one. The sample was teeny-tiny so I'll probably only get one more use (two if I really push it) but this is definitely being put on my birthday wishlist. Because every girl needs a mud-mask in her possession, am I right?

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