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Thursday, 19 February 2015

R.I.P. Topshop Ankle Boots.

Confession time: I cannot live without ankle boots. They are the foundation of my wardrobe and my collection is ever-growing. Because every girl needs four slightly different pair of black boots, right? And as naff as it may sound, I have been wearing the same pair of black ankle boots nonstop for two years now. I remember the moment I first laid my eyes on them in the Kensington branch of 'Topshop' like it was yesterday. I had been stressing out over an essay of some sort (bear in mind, this was back in my A-Level days) and my Mum had suggested a quick shopping trip to ease my mind. She knows me so well. And of course, a shopping trip isn't a proper shopping trip without a look in 'Topshop'.

(My 'Dune' replacement pair aren't too shabby)

I stumbled upon them accidentally and I knew it was love. To most, they're just an ordinary pair of boots. Plain black with a small heel. But they were my first ever pair of ankle boots (I know own more pairs then I care to admit to) and they were perfect. Just the right height to bump me up to 5"5 and so comfortable... after a good few weeks of strenuous breaking in, of course. I wore them for the rest of my school career, they came to New York with me that Summer, and were worn religiously during my first stab at university. After that, I wore them to my job interview at 'Whistles' and they've become part of my uniform as a student here in Southampton. But one fateful night last week when I was having drinks with a friend, the heel broke for the second time and I knew it was over. They've been looking particularly shabby of late, having faded to a grey colour after about a year of use and have many battle scars from big nights out. I couldn't avoid it any longer, it was time for retirement.
Luckily, my oh-so-fashionable mother bought me and my sister these 'Acne' Pistol doppelgängers for Christmas - I think it was her way of hinting that my beloved boots needed to be binned. I do love these boots, they're great for everyday wear and the perfect replacements for my 'Topshop' pair. My only qualm that's taking me a bit of getting used to is the height. They're an inch or so higher than my usual boots and whenever I take them off it feels like I'm walking on air! But what's a little extra pain when they make your legs look longer, eh?

It was only when I put both pair of boots side by side that I realised just how sad my 'Topshop' ones are looking. They've had a great life, filled with fond memories, and a couple of fashion disasters too... like the time I wore them with tiny denim short shorts and an oversize hoodie because I thought it made me look so cool. Note to self: it didn't. I'll see if I can get them fixed when I'm back in London just for old times sake, but for now they're taking pride of place in my cupboard. To be admired and not worn. Goodbye dear 'Topshop' booties, you've served me well...

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