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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Searching for a Signature Scent.

I am currently in perfume no man's land. That awkward stage when you're trying to figure out what your next move will be... while desperately trying to finish off any remaining scents to justify indulging in a new perfume. Yes, I am officially bored of my same old scents.

I'm a serial monogamist when it comes to perfume. Vera Wang's 'Princess' lasted through my early teens, then it was on to bigger and better things with Gucci's 'Flora'. I experimented with 'Miss Dior' for a couple months last year but couldn't justify the crazy prize tag and then settled on Marc Jacob's 'Daisy Dream'. I won't lie though, I was very new to the blogosphere when the latest 'Daisy' scent was released and the hype in the blogging community made it the perfume to have. Like I wrote here (feels like a lifetime ago now - I was staying in a hotel room with no white surfaces!), I somehow managed to convince my Dad to bring me back a bottle from Korea, of all places, without even smelling it. Luckily it was love and 'Daisy Dream' has served me well. But I'm feeling a change. Of course, that might be something to do with the big 20th birthday that's fast approaching. Eek. Plus this scent reminds me of summer days spent on the Cornish coast and who wants that in the middle of February?
To be honest, I'm not too sure I believe in a signature scent anyway. When I was younger I always liked the idea of being associated with a certain floral aroma. But scent is so powerful. Whenever I spritz 'Princess' for old times sake,  I'm transported back to Year 8 school bus journeys and messing around with my best friend Immy who obviously had the same perfume too. We were cool like that. So surely it'd be weird if I was still wearing the same perfume as I did at fourteen? A lot has changed since then, I've changed since then. I guess you outgrow perfumes like you outgrow clothes.
Scent is so personal and finding a new perfume is very intimate - which is what's so great about it. You get to play the field... also known as the Debenhams beauty department. Normally I gravitate towards the same reliable brands, all with similar packaging, and a largely identical product. But when I was in Space NK with my Mum a couple weeks ago, I picked up Tom Ford's 'Velvet Orchid' out of curiosity - Anna blogged about it months ago so I'm a bit late to the party here, as always - and I really really liked it. It's sultry yet sweet, spicy almost. With notes of honey and rum, 'Velvet Orchid' is not something I'd normally go for - not going to lie, it doesn't exactly sound appealing on paper. But it smells divine. Oh and that bottle. For £52, this is not a purchase I'll be making on a whim but hey, I'm open to new things now. I'm playing the field, remember...

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