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Friday, 27 February 2015

Ted Baker's Done it Again.

I've had my iPhone 6 for just over two months now and it's safe to say that I have devolved into that clich├ęd teenage girl with her phone surgically attached to her hand. My only defence is that it's like holding the contents of your life in your palm. My phone contains my social media, my bank details, my music, photos, books, movies, magazines, and all that malarky. Equally, it's like a comfort blanket. Find yourself in an awkward situation? Whip your phone out and avoid eye contact. Bored on your walk home? Listen to your favourite playlist. Waiting for the train/bus/cab? Check your Bloglovin' feed. Sounds pathetic but I'd be lost without it.

So naturally, I needed something a little special to protect my beloved phone from the wear and tear of everyday life. A little part of me is envious of the people that can go 'au naturel' when it comes to gadgets. I am so incredibly clumsy that anything I touch turns to broken... well not quite, but you get the gist. My phone was an early Christmas present and weirdly enough, I really struggled trying to find a case for it. After lots of internet searching I stumbled upon this pink glitter one from 'Skinny Dip' which seemed right up my street. But I was so disappointed when it finally arrived (Note to Self: never make an online purchase in the days leading up to Christmas). The glitter was a bright magenta shade (and not the dusty pink promised in the picture) and because you're more or less always holding your phone upright, the glitter would congregate at the bottom and just look very sad. Plus, it was so incredibly chunky, it doubled the width of the phone itself. I was not impressed.
So when I accompanied my Dad and sister on a Peter Jones errand a few days later, I couldn't resist a quick look at the phone cases - on the off chance they had something more suited to me. And in true Lydia fashion, I ended up buying another case a mere three days after the first one arrived. But I couldn't resist this 'Ted Baker' design. It's so vivid and eye-catching without being too flashy. And because I'm such a nail polish junkie, the first thing I thought when seeing it was that it would go wonderfully with all my pink/red/purple shades. I'd actually seen this particular design when I was shopping for an iPad case back in August but wasn't convinced that I wanted my iPhone to match my iPad - because that would throw me into full-throttle basic bitch territory and I just wasn't ready for it back then.
The latest iPhone 6 models sit so comfortably in the hand. They're slightly rounded and thin which is great except for one little thing - they're so sleek that my phone was always slipping through my hands when I was being no more clumsy than usual. This case gives me a bit of grip and there have been no more incidents... as of yet. My only qualm is that the gold 'Ted Baker' label has scratched a little but that was always bound to happen. It's not too visible, except when it's blown up on a computer screen. But hey, I can live with that.
For some reason or another, my particular case is no longer available online but some of 'Ted Baker''s newest designs are perfect in time for Spring (this one is a personal favourite). One of my favourite bloggers, Lily Melrose, did a post yesterday about her gorgeous case which she found online. iPhone owners of the moment, you're spoilt for choice!

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