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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A Magazine Habit.

The day my monthly Vogue arrives in the post always makes me unfathomably happy. I love the start of the month when all the glossies appear on the shelves. I have real issues with some magazines and their sexist 'Get Your Best Bikini Body' and 'How To Please Your Man' type articles. Of course I'm interested in women's issues but these titles always seem to be focusing on society's view of what women should want (i.e. a slim figure and a boyfriend) instead of what women actually want. But this is old news, my post, 'Cosmopolitan and Glamour: Friend or Foe?' was a cathartic write back in September 2014.
I've had a Vogue subscription for four years now and I never fail to read my monthly from cover-to-cover. At the age of sixteen, it all felt a little inaccessible. At the ripe old age of 20, however, I can see how reading the Fashion Bible has affected my own personal style and my shopping habits. I'm always one for investing in quality pieces instead of binge-buying lots of disposable items that will end up in the charity bin a couple months later. Vogue is my monthly solace into the alternate world of high fashion and glamour. Of course I'm not going to be able to afford much of the clothes in there... but that's part of the fun. It's about admiring, not actively wanting. I take inspiration here and there but would never dream of recreating some of those photo-shoot looks. Sitting down with Vogue is like having lunch with your superficial best friend - it's a bit of fun escapism while it lasts and then it's back to reality.
I've only recently got into Elle the past few months. I used to pick and choose what editions I wanted based on their cover star. I know it's bad, you can't judge a book by it's cover after all, but I suppose it's different when it comes to magazines. However, I loved their Feminism issue and their consequent collaboration with Whistles and have been a devout reader ever since. I feel like Elle is Vogue's chilled younger sister. It tends to include more viable high street alternatives to seasonal trends and I love that they include their staff's office style - it gives the magazine a slight personal touch. Plus, Victoria Coren-Mitchell can do no wrong in my eyes. Her monthly column always has me nodding my head in agreement, it's so refreshing for a magazine to have a regular strong female voice. Her column is always the first thing I turn to.
Again, Allure is another recent discovery since entering the beauty blogosphere. It really feels like an extension of the beauty blogging world with its short snappy articles and tutorials. I have a tendency to flip straight to the beauty sections of my favourite glossies anyway so a whole magazine devoted to the latest make-up trends was always going to be right up my street. Because it's an American title, it's harder to get ahold of in the UK but readily available on Apple Newsstand for £2.99 - plus it's way more convenient having it on my iPad because it's always with me.
My favourite monthly glossies seem much more catered for women's interests - or fashion and beauty conscious ladies at least. I love that they're written by women for women, and none of this faddy diet, relationship advice nonsense. If you need me, I'll be tucked up with a cup of tea and the April edition of Vogue...

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