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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mother's Day.

Ever get the feeling that you're slowly but surely turning into your mother? I started noticing our similarities in my early teens - I'd catch myself pulling one of Mum's facial expressions or saying something very Susan-esque. I've grown to love her taste in music (after all, Mum introduced me to John Mayer back in the early noughties) and she is my go-to source of fashion advice. Without reciting every cliché in the book, my Mum is an incredible lady and I can only aspire to be as wonderful as she is. She's always on hand to offer support, to advise me when things get tough, and call me out on my nonsense when I need a reality check.
Everything I've learnt the past twenty years is primarily down to her. Mum taught me that less is more when it comes to make-up - although she bit her tongue during my blue eyeshadow phase, a time when I could have used her help! I've also inherited her shopping habit because 'if you don't buy it now, it'll soon be gone'. Like every experimental teenager, I went through some dark times when it came to my wardrobe. I can't bear to think about some of those outfits - why oh why did I think a dress over jeans was a good idea? Naturally, Mum stood by and let me make my own mistakes in this department. As much as I wish she'd interfered, what was she supposed to do? Now that I've survived my clothing crisis, I can see just how much of an influence my Mum's style has had on me. I gravitate towards timeless pieces, things I can wear again and again.
As a self-confessed push over, Mum has also given me the confidence to stand up for myself and not let people take advantage of me. When I made the decision to leave university last year, my Mum supported me through the whole stressful process. She didn't pressure me into going back to into higher education and was always reminding me that she just wanted me to be happy.
My Mum is the first person I go to when things go wrong and I need advice, and the person I immediately call when something wonderful happens - even if it's something as trivial as winning a free Pumpkin Spice Latté... She's my best friend and role model and I miss her enormously when I'm at uni. For me, there's nothing quite like a hug from Mum when you've had a long day or having a catch up while walking the dogs. I admire my Mum to no end and if the saying rings true then I will happily slowly but surely continue becoming her.
Happy Mother's Day

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