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Monday, 9 March 2015

My Spring Make-Up Look.

Although Spring hasn't technically sprung until 20th March, there's definitely that wonderful change of season crispness to the air and this weekend's sun was a bit of a giveaway. I love this time of year, when we've not quite reached Summer yet but there's that lovely bit of sunshine and flowers start to bloom. Everything is just prettier in Spring and the same goes for my make-up.
As regular readers of LydiaLulu will already know,  I like to keep my everyday make-up pretty simple... for a beauty blogger that is. I hate feeling caked in foundation and that my face is slathered in products. I like my skin to be able to breathe and I've never been known to resist a pink lip. The majority of the products I've selected for this post are fairly typical. I've written reviews on both the NARS All Day Weightless Luminous Foundation and their Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in 'Sex Machine'. Benefit's 'Erase Paste' is the only concealer I think I've ever used (it's just that good) and I'm a 'They're Real' mascara addict. These are all quintessential Lydia products. But there's a surprising new addition to my foolproof routine which made its appearance this weekend...
Having applied my foolproof base, I always like to add a touch of colour back into my complexion. Benefit's 'Lolli Tint' was released towards the end of Summer 2014 and it was one of those products being reviewed by beauty bloggers everywhere. As a newbie on the scene, I was eager to jump on the bandwagon. How ignorant I was to blogger's hype back then! Having been a 'High Beam' decibel for some years, I was eager to try this bright pink alternative. Although I retired this one for winter, the arrival of Spring has seen me reaching for it once again. I really love this liquid blush. My only criticism of 'Lolli Tint' is that you can't apply it directly on your cheeks without leaving an unattractive streak - the product settles instantaneously which is great when it comes to its longevity but a little undesirable when you're putting it on in the first place. Although the colour is quite alarming when looked at in isolation, it blends really nicely into the skin and is not too 'in your face'. A quality that is non-negotiable for me when it comes to blusher - there's nothing worse than that awful rag-doll red cheek effect. I feel like this colour awakens my skin and looks very sweet and Spring-like.

The latest addition to my make-up routine had to be By Terry's Ombre Black Star in 'Misty Rock'
I simply couldn't resist it any longer. Having watched it pop up on my favourite beauty blogs left, right, and centre throughout February, this product went straight on my birthday list when I was at home this weekend. I'm not normally particularly fond of eyeshadows - I blame traumatic pre-teen experiences with electric blue shades for this one - but seeing how great it looked on a variety of beauty bloggers sent this product soaring to the top of my wishlist. It's the most beautiful purpley pink colour with silver undertones which makes it universally flattering. If I had to summarise this dream of an eyeshadow, I'd say it was feminine, classic, and effortless. The colour is subtle and sweet which makes it the perfect little injection of purple into my more understated everyday look. But that's all on 'Misty Rock' for now, I'm going to subject this product to the wear and tear of everyday life and see how it goes. Expect a review in coming days!
Other than blusher and eyeshadow, my make-up routine is almost otherwise the same. A quick swipe on NARS black eyeliner on the waterline, a few coats of 'They're Real!' mascara, and a layer or so of 'Sex Machine' on the lips. Although I love trying out new make-up looks, why fix something that isn't broken? Spring couldn't have come soon enough.

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