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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Spring Style File.

Well I say a 'Spring Style File' - the only Spring-like thing about my latest purchases is that they've been bought during this season. But I suppose that's okay because it's pouring with rain outside. Yes, the truth is I like my blacks, my greys, and my navys and any colour beyond a muted shade of pink is enough to have running in the opposite direction. I've been a bit spending happy recently (god knows why as it's going to be one long month till my next Student Loan instalment) but I like to think these were all useful, dare I say it, necessary purchases. On the plus side, my little shopping spree means I get to write about it here on LydiaLulu - something I'd love to do more of. Word of warning: this post is Topshop heavy and full of denim...
I'd had my eye on these tops for a good few weeks when I finally gave in picked one up at the Stratford City Westfield on Monday. I've been living in it ever since. For everyday wear and tear, I've been pairing it with skinny jeans and ankle boots (what else?) and a leather jacket thrown over for good measure. It's one of those perfect staple outfits, I wore it shopping with a friend and then for casual drinks on Friday night. Although it is slightly cropped, the top sits comfortably on the waistband of my favourite jeans so it doesn't bare too much. For a slightly dressier look, I teamed it with my new black denim skirt for dinner with a friend - it felt very effortlessly stylish. At just £10, I'm almost certain I'll invest in some of the other colours Topshop has to offer. The baby blue is as cute as it is tempting...

Living in a house with five animals, this skirt doesn't really stand a chance when it comes to tackling cat hair. But it's worth it - it was one of those accidental finds when you're only having a browse round a Topshop concession and stumble across something so perfect that you just have to buy it. To be honest, I know it doesn't look particularly special. A black denim mini skirt, what's the fuss? But it's the most flattering A-Line fit. When I was in the dressing room trying it on, I was going through the entirety of my wardrobe in my mind and this skirt just slotted in. I can't lie, the fact that it has huge, ribbon-lined pockets was a massive selling point for me. Whenever I try and listen to music and keep my phone in my handbag, I get caught up in a mess of headphones. The idea of slipping my phone in my pocket and rushing out the door was more than enough to have me sold. Oh, and it's a really nice skirt too.
I love this jumper. Words can't express how comfy, warm, and snug it is. For now, it'll probably be reserved for indoor slouchiness. It's a bit of an awkward length where you either need a big coat to conceal the bottom or else the jumper comes peaking out of your leather jacket. At the moment it's being worn with jeans while I power through blog posts, but I really like the look of it with the black denim mini skirt and ankle boots - I'm fast adopting a Spring uniform.

Demin A-Line skirts are popping up left, right, and centre at the moment. Not that I'm complaining, anything this comfy and reminiscent of my childhood is a winner in my books. I discovered this Miss. Selfridge number when my 'twin' rocked up to lectures wearing it a few weeks ago - it looked so good on her, I went home and ordered it that day. It's been my go-to skirt ever since. Not only are these skirts super trendy at the moment, they're also wonderfully versatile. It's been worn for everyday uni life with a slouchy cardigan and for nights out paired with a crop top. I can't imagine myself falling out of love with this little number. 
It may be a while before I get to whip this dress out but I couldn't resist. Although it also came in a bleach-blue shade, I went for the black in true Lydia fashion. What can I say? This dress embodies effortless cool. A sundress is a useful addition to any wardrobe and I can see myself donning it on Summer nights out before my First Year comes to an end. Sob. At least the dress will console me. 
A high neck is not something I'm usually all that keen on - something about them just make me feel frumpy. But Topshop tunics have served me well in the past so I thought 'why not?'. Of course I chose grey - otherwise known as my safe colour. Again, this dress looks very chic and 'put together' without requiring much effort. Noticing a trend here? It's light and airy so I can see myself wearing it in the warmer Summer months - but paired with tights and a leather jacket and I can get away with it until then. Sometimes I feel quite restrained by my clothing preferences, I tend to wear the same thing over and over again which is why this High Neck dress was a fun buy. It's good to go outside your fashion comfort zone.
This beautiful leather mini was a birthday present and I couldn't be more obsessed with it if I tried. The leather is so soft which means it moulds to your shape instead of staying rigid and square. Paired with a black crop top and you've got a killer night out outfit sorted. Personally, I'm trying to incorporate it into my everyday wardrobe - it's so gorgeous, I don't want it to be solely reserved for special occasions. I'm thinking it would work well with an oversized jumper or cardigan to 'soften' the look a bit. Obviously, I'd have to get a bit imaginative with coats because my staple black leather jacket teamed with a black leather mini would leave me looking like an extra from Grease... and not in a good way. I'll have to ponder this some more. It's one of those wardrobe additions I can see myself always owning.

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