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Friday, 27 March 2015

The Beauty Blogger Made Me Buy It.

Since joining the beauty blogosphere about nine months ago now, I like to think I'm pretty immune to 'bloggers hype'. You know, when a new product is released and we all just go mad for it? Instead of buying the {insert brand name here} for what it is, it instead becomes the 'must-have' product - regardless of whether its any good or not. Hand on heart, I was pretty susceptible to it at the beginning (Dior BB Cream, I'm looking at you) but nine months down the line and I know when to hold off. If anything, my addiction to beauty blogs led me to some of my favourite drugstore and high-end make-up additions. Here are my top 'the beauty blogger made me buy it' favourites...

1. Marc JacobsDaisy Dream 

Ah memories. This perfume was released about a month after I began blogging and I got so completely caught up in the hype. It was one of the first beauty reviews I did back in July 2014 (an amusing read if you're in need of a chuckle) and it really was love. Although Tom Ford's 'Velvet Orchid' is now top of my wishist as a result of another beauty blogger recommendation, 'Daisy Dream' has served me well. It's the ideal Spring/Summer scent with a floral, crisp scent. Although I feel like I've slightly outgrown it - just reading my first review reminds me of how much my life has changed since last Summer - I can always see myself owning a bottle of this familiar, sweet scent for old times sake.

2. NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in 'Dolomites'

This was a bit of a 'spur of the moment' purchase when I was feeling spending happy with my student loan. Whoops. I remember panicking about what make-up to do for the Freshers Ball when this little eyeshadow compact was recommended in the ASOS sidebar. I'd seen these beautiful eyeshadows floating round the blogosphere and they'd been sold out in my local Space NK since their release in September. For an eyeshadow dunce like me, this pretty shade of pink and brown are very wearable and easy to apply because of their blend-ability (may have just made up a word...). A true staple in my growing eyeshadow collection.

3. NARS All Day Weightless Luminous Foundation in 'Mont Blanc' 

I've raved about this foundation several times of late. This time last year I was terrified of the stuff - foundation was a complete turn-off for me. But the matte equivalent of the cult classic 'Sheer Glow' has won my heart. Like I wrote in my review at the start of this month, this foundation applies like a dream, leaves the skin glowing, and has the staying power to make me declare it a real 'gamechanger'. I'm serious. Although some beauty bloggers weren't too convinced by it, if I had to pick a favourite this would definitely make the cut.

4. By Terry Ombre Blackstar in 'Misty Rock' 

I cannot rave about this cream eyeshadow enough. Me and every other beauty blogger in the UK, that is. Like I wrote in my review, I'm not that big on eyeshadow from previous disasters. But when I saw Lily Pebbles and Suzie from Hello October wearing it in their videos, I knew it was something I wanted to try. 'Misty Rock' is the perfect metallic pinky/purple shade - it's incredibly easy to apply, one swipe does the job, and its lasting power is seriously impressive. At £29, these shadows are on the pricer side but I honestly wouldn't blog about them if they weren't worth the hefty price tag. 

5. NARS Lip Pencils in 'Sex Machine', 'Never Say Never', 'Cruella', and 'Luxembourg' 

Spotting a trend here? I can't deny it, NARS is my ultimate weakness. And I have the lovely Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup to blame for my obsession with their lip pencils - in fact, I'm pretty sure that was first thing I said to her when I met her and Lily Pebbles at #BeautyChatLIVE last month. To be fair, they're worth all the hype. Before I indulged in 'Luxembourg' over Christmas, I was always wary of a bold lip. Lipstick has a tendency to get very messy and has to be constantly reapplied - high maintenance make-up is my greatest aversion. So naturally, these pencils have opened up a whole new look for me. Words can't do them justice, I tried in my my 'NARS Lip Pencil Love Affair' post. I've had a wandering eye of late and the hot pink, 'Yu',  is next on the wishlist.

6. Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder in 'Vanilla' 

Having depended on powder all through my oily T-Zone teenage years, I've tried my fair share of my bad compact powders. One Body Shop powder turned me an unattractive shade of orange for a good few years. This Bourjois powder was a bit of an accidental discovery - I'd seen it used in countless Youtube tutorials and had a bit of a 'why not' moment in Boots a few weeks ago. I've been kicking myself ever since - why didn't I buy this years ago? It's light, not too cake-y, and perfect for setting foundation. An absolute necessity and a bit of a steal at £8.

7. Nails Inc The New White in 'Lilly Road

Another Vivianna Does MakeUp inspired purchase. Nail polish is my kryptonite, I can't help it - I can never have enough. This colour is very cute and spring-like, the perfect off-white shade. To those not obsessed with nail polish, this will all sound like crazy gibberish but these reasons totally justify my little indulgence. It's my nail polish of the moment, I keep going back to it. Plus, the formula is of such great quality - its resistance to my everyday clumsiness has made 'Lilly Road' a staple in my ever-expanding Nails Inc collection. 

8. MaxFactor Creme Puff Blush in '20 Lavish Mauve' 

Until I can afford the Hourglass 'Ambient Lighting Blush', this MaxFactor dupe will do nicely. Again, this super product started popping up everywhere on the blogosphere and I made a point of picking it up alongside the Bourjois powder. I went for one of the more subtle, softer shades in 'Lavish Maude' and a little really goes a long way. For a drugstore alternative, this beauty blogger find is seriously impressive. It's renewed my love for blusher.

Of course there are always going to be 'must-have', latest releases floating about the blogosphere that are oh-so-tempting. My top tip? Wait for the hype to die down and see what products make the 'favourites' cut - if its still being used in tutorials a few weeks down the line then it's something worth investigating. From one beauty junkie to another...

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