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Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Dreamiest Eyeshadow of All...

Despite my love of all things beauty, eyeshadow is one product I've never seemed to agree with. Liquid eyeliner? Check. An array of lipsticks? Check. Outrageous colours of blush? Check. But when it comes to eyeshadow... I've always held back. When I was first trying and testing make-up as a pre-teen, I shamelessly owned numerous palettes of electric blue shadow. When I finally came to my senses a couple years later, I was scarred by the experience. I didn't touch the stuff till the 80s Disco Night during Freshers Week and even then it was supposed to be exaggerated and unattractive. Equally, I'd always admired my make-up savvy friends who could pull it off with subtly and sophistication. As I entered twenties this month, I thought now was a better time than ever to give eyeshadow another go.
The 'By Terry Ombre Blackstar' shadows have been popping up all over the blogosphere the past couple of months. Having entered this community a mere nine months ago, one thing I've learnt is to be skeptical of 'blogger's hype'. But when two of my favourite beauty bloggers, Lily Pebbles and Hello October, started singing their praises I knew it was time to take note. For an eyeshadow dunce like me, the 'By Terry Ombre Blackstar' is the perfect starting point. The cream formula makes for fuss-free, effortless application and one swipe is more than enough. Out of the wide range of soft hues, I went for the Lily Pebbles approved 'Misty Rock' and haven't looked back. It's a subtle metallic pink-purple shade and oh-so-easy to pull off. I've had this beauty blogger staple in my possession for about three weeks now and its a product that can be used in a variety of ways. You can build up the colour to a quite intense shade of purple - a look I'd emulate for a night out - or combine it with a liquid eyeliner flick for a touch more glam. Personally, and this is probably my past fear of eyeshadow speaking, I prefer a subtle swipe across the base of the lid to perk up my everyday make-up routine.

Nails: Lily Road

Since indulging in this pricey eyeshadow a few weeks ago (it retails at a pretty hefty £29), I've been debating buying a proper blending brush. When I'm having a more casual, one-swipe kind of day, blending with fingers is absolutely fine. But the few instances I've built up the colour more intensely, the product does have a tendency to get very messy around the top of the lid. I think a blending brush will only enhance this product's capabilities.
The 'By Terry Ombre Blackstar' is one beauty blogger's staple I can absolutely vouch for. The colour is gorgeous without being too loud, the application is easy enough for an eyeshadow sceptic, and the number of compliments I get alone makes this a £29 well spent in my books. I have my eye on 'Frozen Quartz' next...

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