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Friday, 6 March 2015

'You Are What You Listen To'.

Misplacing my headphones is like losing a limb to me. Whenever I'm out and about, just chilling in my room, doing my work, or commuting, I will without doubt be tuned in to my musical world... otherwise known as the contents of my iPhone. There's something so comforting about plugging in my headphones and listening to that old favourite song to lift my spirits. Everyone has the playlist that puts a jig in your step. The song that sums up your feelings so perfectly that you wish you'd written it. The album you spent an entire Summer singing along to. Hell, you even have a workout playlist to inspire you to run that little bit further. Music is a powerful form of escapism and I'd be lost without it.
I can judge specific life experiences by what I was listening to at the time. George Ezra's 'Wanted on Voyage' defined my Summer trip to Cornwall in 2014, Michael Buble's 'Crazy Love' was the sound of October 2009, and any of John Mayer's wonderful albums are my soundtrack of the past seven years! I mentioned in my latest Lazy Sunday Listens a few songs of special significance, but I thought it was about time I devoted a entire post to the songs that carry some wonderful memories.

1. Paramore, 'The Only Exception'
2. Michelle Branch, 'Goodbye to You'
3. KT Tunstall, 'Other Side of the World'
5. James Blunt, 'Carry You Home'
6. Crowded House, 'Don't Dream it's Over'
8. Taylor Swift, 'Begin Again'
9. Tom Odell, 'Supposed To Be'
10. Corinne Bailey Rae, 'The Sea'

These selected songs have been the soundtrack of my teenage years and make for nostalgic listening. They've been played throughout the good times and the bad times also. They've been there through many life changes and a simple listen is enough to transport me back to a specific moment in time. It's a comfort and reminds me of just how much I've grown as a person now that I'm about to enter my twenties. These songs will always hold a special resonance with me as they're intwined with so many special memories. After all, as the saying goes, 'you are what you listen to'.


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