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Friday, 17 April 2015

Amazing Grace... How Sweet the Lipstick.

So as regular readers of LydiaLulu will already know, I went a bit nuts at the Charlotte Tilbury counter this week (haul post here) and came away with all sorts of goodies. The most typical Lydia purchase of all? The 'Amazing Grace' lipstick of course. For one, it's pink - we all know I can't resist anything pink these days, especially if it's in lipstick form. It deserves all the praise, I'm now a Charlotte Tilbury convert.
Before this Charlotte Tilbury indulgence, my heart belonged to my beloved NARS lip pencils. Their lasting power and wonderful range of colours was like nothing I had ever seen in a lip product. Four months later and I have four of these beauties. They're my go-to product when my make-up is looking a bit lack-lustre.
But 'Amazing Grace' has shaken my beauty regime up these past few days. It's part of the Matte Revolution range which means it aims to do more or less the same as the NARS Velvet Matte finishes. Although I still swear by the NARS pencils, I do find the Matte editions particularly drying so I was naturally curious to try the Charlotte Tilbury equivalent. 
First off, the colour. Just look at it. It's an amazing rosy shade of pink. Not too red, not too pink. It's like nothing I've ever owned before. Typically, I'm drawn to the less-than-coventional shades of lipsticks which I buy in excess and never actually wear. Whoops. That's why 'Amazing Grace' was such a savvy buy for me. After all, it's named after Silver Screen Siren Grace Kelly - and who doesn't want lips like a Old Hollywood Movie Star? Just sayin'. I'd say that 'Amazing Grace' is the leather jacket of a make-up collection - something that every woman needs to spice up her everyday make-up. 
My one fear with lipsticks is looking too 'dolled up'. When I first got into make-up as a teen, I shied away from the stuff - except when I thought it was a good idea to wear a burgundy red one day to Sixth Form and spent the whole time stressing about getting it on my teeth and obsessively re-applying. Those were the days. That's why everyday lipstick is so difficult to get right. I want something pretty and effortless without having to worry about it throughout the day. I feel like I've found 'The One' in 'Amazing Grace'.
My favourite thing about this lipstick (besides the gorgeous rose-gold packaging) is that it's incredibly moisturising despite its matte finish. It's creamy and applies like a dream - just what you'd want from a slightly higher end purchase. For me, that's what makes it slightly superior to the NARS pencils. It doesn't have quite the same longevity, as touch-ups are required after a meal or even a cup of coffee. But I'd much prefer to reapply my lipstick than go about my day with dry lips. No? 
There's nothing else to say. It's love. I can see myself wearing this lipstick all Summer long. Well until the amazing nude pink, 'Miss Kensington', is released in June that is! The Matte Revolution collection are just that good. Promise.

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