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Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Spring Lip.

A change in season calls for a change in make-up as they always say. Or is that just me? Although I did a whole post on 'My Spring Make-Up Look' just a few weeks ago, I picked up a new lip product recently that I felt deserved some recognition on the ol' blog.
As any regular readers of LydiaLulu or followers of my Instagram may already know, I'm currently in North Norfolk for our annual family holiday. So naturally, I wasn't expecting to come across Tanya Burr's collection of lipglosses and nail polishes in Tesco King's Lynn when I was accompanying my Dad on a mad dash for yoghurt. Who would have thought this collection would be stocked in a supermarket over my local Superdrug? Who knows, but either way I was thrilled to finally give one a go. As I'm still obsessing over Essie's 'Maximillain Strasse-Her' shade, (I can't see myself ever wearing any other polish - that's how serious it's gotten) I thought I'd try one of the much-raved-about lipglosses. I went for 'Afternoon Tea' - an effortless peachy-pink shade.

Lip Gloss - 'Afternoon Tea', Nails - 'Maximillain Strasse-Her'

I must admit, first impressions were not so good. I was so excited about this gloss, I applied it almost immediately. But the product came out quite gloopy and thick. The colour was more pink than I was expecting which also took a while to get used to. And if your lips are at all chapped than this gloss clings to any dry patches, making them look sore and not so appealing. 
Yet like most beauty products, practice makes perfect. It's took me a few more applications to really get used to this lipgloss and I'm happy I persevered. You can tell it was made by a beauty blogger because it succeeds where a lot of other high street alternatives fail. For a lipgloss, this product is really quite pigmented but also has the wearability of a gloss. The formula isn't too sticky or too shiny - for me, it strikes a perfect balance. I grab a gloss on a day when I don't want the high maintenance of a lipstick. 'Afternoon Tea' is the 'your lips but better' of lipglosses - the applicator applies just the right amount and the pigmented formula means a little goes a long way. Of course, like all lipglosses, you need to reapply throughout the day and I wouldn't say this one is particularly long-lasting. If anything, I'd say 'Afternoon Tea' looks best after an hour or so when it's properly set and the colour is a little more peachy.
When I first started experimenting with make-up in my teens, I had lipglosses in abundance. They're easy purchases and the glittery consistencies captured my heart. Since then, I've graduated to NARS lip pencils and been rocking some sort of bold lip almost everyday for months. With its great pigmentation and winning formula, I can see 'Afternoon Tea' forging a great middle ground between lipstick and a boring old lip balm. Although they're not available in my local Boots or Superdrug, a quick Google search told me that the whole Tanya Burr range is online at FeelUnique. At just £6.99 each, these glosses won't break the bank balance. It's a win-win situation.

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