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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Throwback 90s Lip.

I wrote a post a few months back entitled 'The Beauty Blogger Made Me Buy It' where I boldly stated that I was immune to the notorious blogger's hype. About that... it hasn't really worked out. The only way I can justify myself? Beauty blogger recommendations tend to be totally on point. See my 'Misty Rock' post for details.
I've been watching Lily Pebbles' videos for about a year now - even got the chance to meet her at #BeautyChatLIVE  in February - and so have naturally been tuned into her Everyday May videos. I couldn't have been the only one swooning over Lily's lipstick choice of the moment. Watching the beauty blogger don MAC's 'Soar' lipliner on a daily basis was enough to fill me with inspiration to pick it up myself. The only problem was my local counter in Southampton was completely out of stock. Turns out it's a Kylie Jenner favourite..!
If you're following me on Twitter or Instagram then you'll know that I popped home for the Bank Holiday weekend and posted about a million pictures of my cats just being generally ridiculous and adorable. But perhaps a little more importantly, I used the opportunity to go on the hunt for 'Soar' in my local MAC. As luck (or fate?) would have it, their stock had just been replenished. Just as I was coming down from my excitement high, the sales assistant directed me to the Lily Pebbles approved lipstick shade 'Mehr' - as if I could resist. I handed over my money and scarpered out of there before I spent the rest of my already strained student loan. The perils of being a beauty junkie on a budget!
This combination really is a power duo. I love that neither of these shades are ones I would typically reach for - I'm a light pink or shocking red kinda girl. Again, I have another of my favourite bloggers for my NARS lip pencil obsession! But there's something wonderfully 90s about 'Soar' and 'Mehr' - together they make the most perfect dusty pink shade that's oh so trendy right now. As a 90s kid, I have no complaints - this will be my go-to look for the foreseeable future. Yet another winning Lily Pebbles inspired purchase!

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