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Sunday, 24 May 2015

When You're Stuck in a Beauty Rut...

Beauty, make-up, skincare - it can sometimes be a tricky terrain to navigate. Along with all the mistakes that will naturally occur when you try and test new beauty trends, it's all too easy to get stuck in the same old make-up routine day-in, day-out. Balancing a student budget means that you can't always get your beauty hall fix - I sadly have to occasionally prioritise food shopping. So for the times when I'm feeling the pinch (in other words, been having too many nights out in a row), here are my student-budget friendly beauty hacks.

1. Throwback Hair

Okay so this may be an obvious one. Although I'm really lucky to have thick, healthy hair I often find it ridiculously hard to control. I either wear it down or in a ponytail - or half-up/half-down if I'm feeling really adventurous. But then last month I did something unheard of. I successfully plaited my hair and haven't looked back since. It was all down to a Lily Pebbles Spring Beauty regime video I watched - I thought it looked easy enough and gave it a go. The best thing about this look? It pulls the hair out of my face and stops me from permanently fiddling with it: a stereotypical girly trait I'm way too guilty of. I call this my throwback hair because it reminds me of when plaits were all the rage when I was growing up in the 90s/00s. Dream hair fulfilled, even if it is ten years late...

2. Indulge in a New Scent

Although this one might not be the most frugal tip I could offer, a new perfume never fails to make me feel better about life. A sweet spritz just makes me feel more 'put together'. My current perfume of choice? I'm addicted to ChloƩ's 'Love Story'. See my full thoughts in my review here (I'll be totally honest, it's one of my favourite posts of all time just because I got to quote Taylor Swift in the title). A new perfume isn't the most groundbreaking change you could make in your beauty regime but for me, it's the perfect little pick-me-up when things are getting a bit lack lustre.

3. Express it with Nails

Any long-term readers of LydiaLulu would have been able to guess this tip from the get-go. I can't stop raving about Nails Inc and Essie at the moment and these shades have been in constant rotation for a good few weeks. I'm one of those girls that once I find a winning product I make it my mission to own them all. Whenever I'm feeling a bit bored with my make-up or even my outfit (I have a tendency to dress entirely in monochrome - see my Style File for details), I reach for a slightly less conventional shade for my nails. Essie's 'Exotic Liras' (pictured above) is a fun pinky coral shade which adds a nice burst of colour to an otherwise all grey outfit. In the meantime, I'm just a little obsessed with 'Duke Street' - a unique smokey lilac shade which I'm racing through. I might even finish the bottle and have to repurchase, something I've never had to do before. Nail polishes are perfect for brightening up a beauty routine as you can be as experimental as you like but rest assured that it's not too much of a commitment. No one is going to stare at your nails and shudder unlike a smokey eye gone horribly horribly wrong. Easy!

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