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Friday, 19 June 2015


It's very easy to underestimate the role other women play in our lives. Whether that be someone we look up to professionally or women who generally inspires us. Bear with me here, but when I was young teen, 'The Hills' was the show everyone was watching. There was just something about it that was so enchanting - the LA setting, the clothes, the glamour - the reality show's stars had everything I aspired for at the age of fourteen. Of course, it was revealed in due course that it was largely fabricated and watching it now, you can totally tell. But it was fun while it lasted.

One thing that has survived the show's legacy is my girl crush on Lauren Conrad. Her style, her makeup, and her life lessons - who can forget 'I want to forgive you and I want to forget you'? - LC is one reality TV star with class. An anomaly, in fact. For any fans that are still mourning the loss of the greatest reality TV show of all time, scrap 'Made in Chelsea', you can still get your daily Lauren Conrad fix from her blog. And if you're a superfan like me then she has two spot-on Style and Beauty guides that teach you how to live an LC-approved lifestyle.
Again, fans of the show will be all too familiar with Lauren's signature look - the girl dons a winged eyeliner come rain or shine. So naturally for four years, that was my go-to 'I'm making an effort with my make-up' look. I've mastered a few more interesting styles since (all thanks to the NAKED 3 Palette and some savvy beauty blog reading). But since MTV has been playing reruns of classic episodes and I clearly have too much time on my hands, I've been inspired all over again by Lauren's signature cat-eye flick.
When I began this post, I tried to take a picture of today's liquid eyeliner flick but my eyes have been suffering since I've been home (who knew hay fever is worse in London?) and they're especially red and swollen today. I can't lie, it's not a good look. So instead of exposing my hay fever-ridden face on the internet, I thought I'd include this snap from a couple nights ago where I'm looking very Lauren Conrad-esque. Look! I've even got the long blonde hair to match - clearly this woman has entered my psyche. One of the things I love about LC is that she has the effortlessly glamorous look down to a tee. She's one of those girls who look like they were born with a cat-eye flick, it's something I'm constantly trying to emulate.
                                             It's been a long, and at times difficult, affair with liquid eyeliners, I've tried my fair few. The beauty bloggers, Lily Pebbles and Lily Melrose, recommend the Soap & Glory Supercat eyeliner which I'm wearing in the above picture. At just £6, it's a pretty good purchase but disappointingly doesn't stand the test of time or fare well against heat. Equally, Benefit's They're Real Push Up Eyeliner had the beauty blogging community buzzing last August. It's a product I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with, sure it stays on all day but the rubber applicator means you usually end up covering your whole lid instead of a elegant thin line that runs along the rim of the lashes. The LydiaLulu-approved Hourglass Calligraphy pen combines the attributes of its two other competitors and lasts all day while providing precise application. It's perfect for days when I'm feeling a bit Lauren Conrad... because every girl feels like that at times! 
I have more than just some solid life advice to thank this star for, LC taught me how to look like a cool Los Angeles chick.

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