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Sunday, 28 June 2015

DIARY || What My Week Actually Looked Like.

Ever find yourself sitting down to write one thing and then end up heading in a completely different direction? Yeah, this was one of those posts. Initially, I was going to confess my greatest 'Beauty Sins' - a fun kind of post that's been floating round the bloggersphere of late. But words kept on coming and this Sunday post just turned into something completely different... and I'm actually okay with that. 
As part of the social media generation, I think it's safe to say that we all like to portray our 'ideal' selves online. In lieu with my 'Beauty Sins' idea, I was going to say how this blog is a manifestation of my beauty trials and tribulations - but for the most part, my make-up and style successes. Or at least what I think are successes ha. Because I obviously don't document days like today, for instance, when I'm sitting with my laptop in front of me, donning my comfiest boyfriend jeans, and hair scraped back in a ponytail. Why not? Because it's not all that glam - and thus, not 'blogger' appropriate. As much as I adore the blogging community, it's all very filtered and we only get a very skewed insight into bloggers' lives. Instagrams are heavily edited, witty tweets thought of long in advance, and who knows how many takes that spontaneous selfie actually took? It's not just bloggers that are guilty of it (I'm absolutely not saying I'm exempt either!) but scrolling through Bloglovin' as often as I do means that I find myself comparing my beloved blog to other people's. And through the looking glass, their lives look a hell of a lot more glamorous than mine at times.

Last week I did a Photo Diary of my shopping trip to Kingston because I thought it'd be nice to do more 'lifestyle'-y posts on a Sunday. You know, take a break from all the beauty/style business for the weekend. If you've been following me on Twitter, then you might know that I've been lusting after the Charlotte Tilbury & Norman Parkinson limited edition lipstick, 'Miss Kensington', for FOREVER. So when it launched online yesterday, I managed to convince my oldest friend to come along to the Fenwicks concession so I could finally indulge. I thought our little trip would make a nice Sunday post - two birds with one stone and all that jazz. Well disaster struck when I realised that I'd gotten a little overexcited and hadn't noticed that the Norman Parkinson collection was an online exclusive... 
Not only was I disappointed that I wasn't going to get the lipstick (no worries though - I ordered it online there and then) but I stared to panic about what I'd do for today's post. I couldn't write about the Charlotte Tilbury counter without buying something! It took me longer than I care to reveal how ridiculous I was being - I can write about lifestyle whenever I want regardless of whether it fits the glamorous 'blogger' stereotype. So despite my epic CT fail, I thought I'd do a photo diary of my week nonetheless. Most of these snaps have been taken on my iPhone so they're not brilliant quality but hey, it's what my week has actually looked like.

Yes, I'm a self-confessed Crazy Cat Lady and couldn't resist this picture of Django squeezed into a cardboard box.
Mid-week beauty treats with Mum - expect a Stila liquid lipstick review in coming days...
A casual Elephant in Duke of York square during my lunch break.
So totally in love with my new work shoes - it pays to work in WHISTLES!

Although my Charlotte Tilbury mission failed, my afternoon was salvaged by the most amazing blueberry muffin and latté in Apostrophe in St. Christopher's Place. Oh, and the company of course. Em - if you're reading...!
Lydia in her natural habitat - at the Nails Inc concession, coffee in hand, and lusting after the 'Denim' shade. It'll be my first purchase come pay day.

This week may have been lacking in Instagram-worthy moments, but hey it's what my week really looked like. Although blogging is a great escapism, sometimes it's nice to have a bit of reality shining through.

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