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Thursday, 18 June 2015

BEAUTY || Dr. PAWPAW* Magic.

It's the miracle product that's been floating round the bloggersphere for an age and been tempting me every time I walk into Urban Outfitters. Yes, I've finally got round to testing the beloved Dr. PAWPAW 'multipurpose soothing balm' and I have to say, I'm completely sold.
As a beauty blogger, it's pretty much a given that I own an excessive number of beauty/skincare/haircare/any promising products under the sun. To an extent, it's true - I've collected my fair share of beauty-related goodies in my time, to the detriment of my bank account of course. But having said that, I do enjoy a good ol' 3-in-1 type wonder product. Because even beauty-fanatics can be lazy at times!

Which is where Dr. PAWPAW comes in. Made from fermented pawpaw and intended for lips, skin, hair, and cuticles, this product aims to salvage all your beauty woes - and it totally succeeds. When it first arrived on my doorstep, my immediate thought was to try it out as a lip balm. I was expecting the consistency to be something between that of a moisturiser and a lip balm and was therefore pretty surprised when what came out was a more solidified substance. At first, it is pretty greasy (I'm thinking The Body Shop's Lip Butter here) but as it dissolves, your lips are left feeling nourished and prepped for an array of drying, matte lipsticks. I've been testing this product for a week and applying it to my lips about two to three times a day, and I have to say, I'm really impressed. I've noticed such a change in how products glide on without clinging to any dry patches. Although I can't see myself needing to use this on a daily basis, I'm confident that I'll keep this in rotation to keep my lips in lipstick-ready shape!
What I've been most impressed with is how it's transformed my hands - I've always had dry skin on my knuckles and have never found a product that's really done much to combat it. But Dr. PAWPAW has really helped to heal those areas and I've only needed to massage small amounts into my knuckles every so often to maintain the lovely condition. I've also been using the balm on my cuticles just to soften things up a bit - seeing as I paint my nails around three times a week, I felt like I owed them that much!
There are plenty of other uses you can get out of this balm including using it to smoothen hair or even as a primer before applying makeup. Personally, I already have thick, fine hair so tend to avoid products just so it doesn't get weighed down #thickhairproblems. I'm just waiting for my skin to clear up a little before testing any new products on my face because it's been throwing a bit of a tantrum lately and don't want to rock the boat too much. I have a feeling it would work well on ladies with dryer skin types, whereas I'm more spot-prone and oily-inclined. Sigh.
To be honest, I don't think I can gush Dr. PAWPAW enough. I'm racing through my tube as it is so you'll find me trying to make the difficult decision between the Original, Peach-tinted, and the Red-tinted in my local Urban Outfitters soon. Handily enough, it's also available on ASOS and Harvey Nichols. At just £6.95 a tube, I can't see a reason not to. Looks like I've found my new beauty staple!

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