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Friday, 26 June 2015

STYLE || The Gamechanger.

Whenever I'm lugging a heavy handbag down the street or just trying to squeeze that extra magazine into the depths of my bag, I can't help but get jealous of men. The ordinary bloke doesn't have to worry about packing his bag the night before (unless he's still in school) or think about whether he's got everything he needs for the day. Most men I know can live by the simple checklist 'wallet, phone, keys, and jacket' and be out the door in no time. It just doesn't seem fair! Well... I say all this, but really it is my choice to lug around half my possessions on a daily basis. My camera can be my biggest nemesis - because who knows when the perfect photo opportunity will arise?
I've been meaning to downsize my everyday handbag for quite some time - of course I'll never take the beloved Mulberry Alexa out of rotation but I've been lusting after something a little more lightweight and summery. *Enter the WHISTLES Sale bargain of the century*

This bag has already been featured in two posts (my Kingston Diary and Cluttered Lip Products) on the ol' blog and been spamming up my Instagram feed but I couldn't help it - I'm more than just a little obsessed and felt it deserved its own post here. And yes, this is the second WHISTLES clutch I've bought in the sale. No judgement please, they're just too pretty to resist. Plus, I travelled halfway across London with my friend Naomi to bag it (no pun intended... okay, very much intended ha) but for that story, you'll have to check out my Kingston Photo Diary.
The WHISTLES Rivington bags are rereleased and updated every season because they're an ideal size for both everyday and evening use. Of course, the one I picked up was from SS15 as it was on sale at just £30. But fear not, the beautiful shades of pinks and purples has slotted so perfectly into my wardrobe. I've said it before and despite the more coloured aspects of my blog, my wardrobe is largely very monochrome - she types as sits in bed in her favourite pair of dark blue denim skinny jeans and yet another black camisole. See?
Size-wise, it's much smaller than I'm used to. But that can only be a good thing - after all, I've just started in a new retail job and there's nothing worse than carrying a heavy handbag all the way home after a full day shift. My gorgeous new handbag has forced me to only carry round what I need - and it's not all that different from the male checklist I mentioned earlier. Add in a few lipsticks and it's practically identical! Throw in an iPad Mini for good measure and I'm ready to take on the day - cause a girl needs to check her Bloglovin' feed on her lunch break of course...
What can I say, this gorgeous little handbag has converted me - it's a real gamechanger. If I keep indulging in the WHISTLES sale, I'll literally be the lady who lived in her bags! It's a dangerous place to work...

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