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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

STYLE || The Dream WHISTLES Clutch.

Heading into a store in the midst of a mid-season sale under the pretence of a having 'quick browse' was never going to end well for me. My inner-Shophalic just isn't able to resist that kind of temptation, especially when said store is WHISTLES.

As a girl trying to get by on a student budget, this brand is usually way out of my price range. Having worked there for six months during my gap year, I got used to utilising my employee discount on the latest launches. I can't lie, I miss the store a lot. The people, the clothes, the shared love of the brand. I'd put the money I earned straight back into the store pretty much as soon as pay day rolled around! They were simpler times, before I had to think about buying food and paying bills and all that boring stuff. Oh and before I discovered Charlotte Tilbury. On the bright side, I have got some great staple pieces from my time at WHISTLES and the company taught me a lot about the fashion world. I.e don't buy too much into fast fashion and invest in a couple transcendent pieces per season. It's a mantra I try and stick to.

As if I could resist a clutch that matches my nails...
Either way, when the sales roll round they're definitely worth a look. Although there isn't a store in Southampton (otherwise I would have stayed with the company *sob*), the tiny concession in our local John Lewis gave me a taste of this season's offerings. With this clutch, it was love at first sight. As you can tell from a quick glance at my blog, I'm lover of pink. But when it comes to my actual wardrobe? Less so, I'm a big fan of all things monochrome. Which is what makes this clutch so perfect - it's a lovely muted, dusty pink shade. Just bright enough to add a pop of colour to an otherwise understated outfit. I remember seeing this when it first launched but retailing at £40, I shied away. And yet when I popped into my old store over the weekend, it had been reduced to half the price. Fate, no?
Plus, it fits perfectly into my ever-expanding collection of handbags. I'll be honest, I have been previously put off of buying a clutch out of fear that I'd lose anything that wasn't physically attached to me ha. But with something this pretty, I can't see that happening. It's just the right size to fit all my everyday basics - and who knows, maybe it'll force me to stop carrying around so much junk. I can't be the only woman who has hundreds of neglected lipsticks rolling round at the bottom of her handbag..?And if not, then it's just the right size for a make-up bag. Because us beauty bloggers can't have too many of those, right? Oh WHISTLES, you've captured my heart once again!

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