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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

BEAUTY || 5 Beauty Sins.

Forgive me, bloggersphere, for I have sinned. When you start writing a beauty blog and always seem to be raving about your latest Space NK purchase, people assume that you rigorously follow specific skincare and make-up routines. But just because I write about beauty on the internet, does not mean that I'm not lazy at times. Specifically, when I've come home from an eight hour shift and all I want to do is crawl into bed and catch up on my YouTube subscriptions. Although recently, it's been all about binge-watching 'Everybody Loves Raymond' on Netflix. So I'm putting my hands up, here are my greatest Beauty Sins. Please don't judge me.

Washing Hair

Sounds gross, I know. I have a love-hate relationship with my hair. On the one hand, I'm lucky that it's so thick and fine. On the other hand, that makes it near impossible to control and always somewhat greasy. I'm the girl who will wash her hair everyday for a month, then declare defeat and shower it in dry shampoo for days on end. And then realise how gross that is and so the cycle starts again. Should probably go wash my hair now...


Again, this is another beauty regime I have another love-hate relationship with. When I've had a long luxurious bath, there's nothing I love more than whipping out a tub of 'Victoria's Secret' moisturiser and applying it from head to toe. The smell and the thick consistency makes you feel like you've had a spa pamper day *insert heart-eye emojis here*. But when you're jumping in and out of the shower before work or just running late (as I often am), it's a step I often skip and spend the rest of the day regretting it. Dry legs are not the one. 
Skincare-wise, as an oily-skinned gal, adding extra moisture to your T-Zone just feels counter-intuitive. I know, I know, even oily skin needs moisture and I have found my perfect product in the Sephora Acne-Fighting Mattifying Moisturiser. I have no excuses. 

Picking at Mascara

My Mum and sister will agree with this one, I get yelled at whenever I succumb to temptation. If I'm wearing a particularly drying mascara - Benefit's 'They Real', I'm looking at you- I find it really hard not to pick away the lumps or excess that gathers at the top of lashes. It's weirdly satisfying, and hey, mascara shouldn't be that dry in the first place. The only mascara I've ever used that doesn't tempt me to spend all day picking at my eye make-up is the Charlotte Tilbury 'Full Fat Lashes' - wonder in a tube. 

Trying Out New Products

Working in retail, this is actually something I'm getting better at. I love turning up to the store with slightly different make-up everyday - it gives me an excuse to play around a bit and make more of an effort. But whenever I'm shopping for beauty-related purchases, chances are I'll always come out with a pink lipstick/gloss or a nail polish of some sort. Hey, I've only just figured out how this contouring thing works - it's safe to say I'm a little behind the times. 

Face Wipes

Shock horror, a beauty blogger admitting to using face wipes. To be honest, I'm more guilty of this during term-time, not so much over the Summer break. Because when you're getting in from a night out at a horrifying hour, the last thing you want to do is remove, cleanse, and moisturise. I count myself lucky if I summon the energy to even use a face wipe at this point. I always regret it the next morning when I spot more redness and some unwelcome additions to my complexion. This is one beauty sin I'm trying extra hard to break.

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