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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

BEAUTY || Dr. PAWPAW Magic - Take Two.

My love of the miracle beauty balm, Dr. PAWPAW*, is no secret round these parts. I couldn't rave about it enough in last month's review. A product that moisturises, softens, and soothes nailbeds, dry skin, spots, any skin irritation, and also serves as a dreamy lipbalm is a winner in my books. Naturally, I started off with the Original Balm to get a sense of this miracle balm and all its wondrous uses but received these two tinted alternatives at the Catalyst PR event last week. Let's just say, it wasn't going to be long before they appeared on the blog. Dr. PAWPAW is just that good.
 The idea with the tinted balms is that they're used for cosmetic, beauty purposes whereas the Original non-coloured balm is a bit of a one-size-fits-all kind of product. I can't lie, I was so excited to try the colours based on how much use I get out of the Original.
Marketed as a cheek and lip tint, the coloured balms can be built up in intensity depending on how bright a colour you're after. The products themselves are a lot more vivid than I was expecting - based on the original balm which is obviously a totally neutral shade, I assumed the peach and red would be a lot more muted in tone.
As you can tell from the above snap, these colours certainly pack a punch. But the great thing about them is that they are super sheer and easy to blend out. Like I wrote in my latest diary post, I'm currently on my annual family holiday to Cornwall which means I try and keep my make-up light and natural - because who wants to wear a full face of make-up for dog walks on the beach?!
 So the timing of these balms have been great - they add a nice subtle flush to my cheeks, provided I don't apply too much, and just a tinge of colour to lips. Of course, you can build the colour up to almost mimic a lipstick but I personally prefer the more natural, dewey look.
Out of the two colours, I'd say that I prefer the red on my cheeks and the peach on the lips. Again, it's a very natural look I've been loving and the red can sometimes feel a little 'much' for my personal taste. But each to their own, I'm sure I'll be testing it out with a slightly different finish in mind once I'm back in London or holidaying in New York.
I don't think these colours have quite pipped their Original Balm predecessor because that product is magic in a tube and you can use it for just about everything you can think of! But I do really love these alternatives and find that these colours are quite unusual and so easy to work with. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of them in coming months and if it means that I have to go into Urban Outfitters to stock up, then that's just something I'll have to do. Sense the sarcasm: I have to actively avoid UO for the sake of my bank balance these days but if you don't believe me when I sing Dr. PAWPAW's praises, then trust Urban Outfitters to back a trendy, must-have product any day. But seriously, Dr. PAWPAW is a dream - trust me on this one.

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