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Sunday, 5 July 2015

DIARY || Life Through My iPhone.

Flashback to last Sunday's Diary post and things got a little bit rambly. To condense it here, I basically had a little dig at the artificial nature of social media in this day and age and how I wanted to present my life as honestly as possible here on the blog. Personally, I love reading 'Sunday posts' where bloggers switch it up a little and stray from the usual beauty/fashion-related content.
So after a bit of thought and a scroll through some of my favourite blogs, I've finally made up mind in how I want to structure my Sunday posts. They'll either be a collection of photos from my week, i.e. snaps that may or may not have made it onto my Instagram feed, or a more specific vloggy post where I've done something particularly interesting or cultural and taken a load of photos on my blogging camera. Sound good? Here goes, this was my week through my iPhone lens...
On Monday I headed to Wimbledon for the first day of the tennis tournament. I went with a uni mate who had work that morning and so we agreed to meet at the station at 12:30 in the afternoon. Rookie mistake - by the time we made it to the Queue there was an estimated wait of 5-6 hours. But we bit the bullet and made it in in just over 3. Oh, and did I mention Monday was the start of the heatwave? This was my first time visiting the tournament in over ten years - and seeing as I live a mere half hour away, I have no excuses. I can't recommend it enough, just walking round the grounds there is such a great atmosphere - even if you don't make it onto a court, it's worth it just to sit on Murray Mount with a Pimms and watch the action of Centre Court #heaven.
The Queue effectively begins in a big field about a mile away from the actual grounds - it may have taken us three hours to actually watch some tennis but at least there was time for sunbathing and coffee... priorities ya know.

Somehow managed to get onto Court 12 where South African pro Kevin Anderson was playing.
The Wimbledon grounds are so beautiful and packed with flowers and sweet places to sit and watch the world go by.

Enjoying the heatwave with my older sis - or at least our attempt at enjoying the heatwave. Temperatures reached unbearable heights pretty soon after the above snap and I spent the rest of the day indoors next to a fan - British weather, eh?
I can't get enough of Hozier at the moment! Combined with James Bay and some cheeky Taylor Swift (always) and you have my dream Summer playlist.
Ultimate comfort for my lunch break, obviously. I like to think I'm channelling my inner Lily Allen, circa 2005.
A serene Chelsea as I arrived early for work yesterday morning - I love London more and more everyday... except the traffic, I could do without the stalemate on Battersea Bridge every morning thanks.
Casually boozing with the rents - I can never order a Cosmopolitan without taking a picture. Naturally.

Reflecting on it now, I had the nicest week. It's been a nice balance of chilled days and a few extra shifts plus a bit of culture and a some cheeky beauty purchases. But more on that in coming days. Happy Sunday! xx

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