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Sunday, 26 July 2015

DIARY || Sun, Sea, and the Cornish Coast.

If you've been checking up with the ol' blog the past week then you'll know that I've been on the annual family holiday to the Cornish coast - generally having a chilled out time not doing very much at all. Absolute bliss if you ask me, as much as I adore living in London I'm a firm believer in getting out of the city for a little headspace. Queue daily dog walks on the beach, middle-of-the-day naps, and plenty of reading time, I'm back home feeling pretty happy and rejuvenated. But like I promised in Friday's post, here's a little photo diary of what I've been up to the past week. Because I did that city girl thing of taking hundreds of photos of the sea just because I could. 
As if any of my readers didn't already know about my unhealthy love of hydrangeas - they make up practically the entirety of my Instagram feed. But they were absolutely everywhere in Cornwall! I couldn't tell if they were native to the climate of if people just share my obsession. Either way, I wasn't complaining. 

I mentioned this cute little store in my last post when I cited an oversized slouchy sweatshirt as the heart of a good holiday, obviously. Watershed is such a find as it stocks 'Obey' and 'Vera Monda' which I've only ever seen online at ASOS. It's got that trendy, surf chick look down to a tee (no pun intended) and if I lived down in Cornwall, I would only ever shop here. Slouchy yet feminine t-shirts with skinny jeans, yes please. And did I mention how much I love my sweatshirt? "It's all kinds of soft and snug and I love it and will live in it forever" pretty much sums up how I feel about this store. 
And if the store itself wasn't cool enough, upstairs there's a trendy, monochrome café that makes the most delicious coffee and blueberry-banana smoothie (a LydiaLulu creation, naturally) I've ever tried. Oh, and there's also a barber's hidden up there too. With really friendly, helpful staff and the resident Jack Russell, Buddy, this store is a must-visit if you're ever in Newquay - I'm wishing one would open up in London, I'd keep it in business through my killer-coffee habit alone!

The calorie-bomb that is the 'Xtreme Hot Chocolate' at the Beach Hut on a sunny Wednesday evening. It's just about tolerable if it's a once-a-year treat, right?

The little haven of eco-cottages where we spent our week, only two minutes walk from the beach, we love it there.

A trip to Cornwall wouldn't be complete without our yearly breakfast at Jamie Oliver's 'Fifteen' restaurant overlooking the beach. Although making our reservation always means waking up before 9 - which is totally unheard of in my family - the food and general lovely atmosphere more than makes up for it. This year I went for eggy bread with a side of fruit, a raspberry melon smoothie and plenty of cups of coffee - always a given ha.

Already missing that view - sitting on the balcony with a good book and a view of the sea is my idea of a dream holiday. My Mum, Sister, and I also got pedicures done at the hotel on our doorstep and of course I had to choose Essie's 'Mint Candy Apple' because beauty blogger stereotypes. 
I'm also currently rereading 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' for a 'Children's Literature' module I'm taking in September. I read it during my first semester at my last university and found it so incredibly moving - it's one of those books everyone should read at least once but I'm really struggling with it the second time round. It tackles such important social issues and has often been cited as the book that initiated the American Civil War which makes it quite heavy going. I find I have to be in the right mindset to really get into the plot and understand the characters - I'm going to pace myself with this one. Maybe it'll be easier now I'm home.
And on a side note, after dropping my phone in the sink seconds before leaving the house for Cornwall, I finally have a replacement! And just in case you're ever in the same situation, the rice trick is no guarantee - looking it up on the internet afterwards, apparently hoovering the liquid out is the most effective way of drying your phone. Who knew? Whatever happens, I'm was itching to get my phone back because a beach holiday is just brimming with Instagram opportunities! Yeah, I'm a little bit of a social media addict - I blame the blogosphere. 

A part of me is a little sad to be back in London, I could happily stay in Cornwall all Summer long - but doesn't the saying go 'too much of a good thing turns bad'? Either way, I always cherish our time there. For now, it's back to reality - at least for a couple of weeks before I'm heading to New York, eeek! Anyway, enough rambling from me.
Happy Sunday! xx

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