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Thursday, 16 July 2015

STYLE || Topshop Brand Focus.

This series has been in the works for quite a while now - looking back over my content the past few months, it's been very Beauty orientated. But nonetheless I keep buying clothes! So I thought this series would give a little insight into what I've been loving, and usually buying, from the British High Street. So this week, it's Topshop's turn to shine.
I'm having a bit of a love affair with skirts at the moment. The problem? I can't stop buying them. Anything that's miniature and A-Line inclined tends to end up with me at the checkout, clutching my tired old debit card, and skipping out the store gleefully... regardless of whether I actually need it. Which begs the question, do we ever actually need anything clothes-wise? Exactly. 
Combined with one of their Ribbed Crop Camis and you have my favourite 'I've made an effort because I'm wearing a skirt but I'm still incredibly comfy' outfit. If that makes any sense at all. To save my rambling on about them all, I thought I'd stick to my two most recent purchases so I wouldn't have to confront the reality of how much I've spent on near identical skirts... obviously.
Cami - Topshop, Skirt - Topshop, Shoes - Topshop (sold out)
 I can't lie, I didn't think the pink cami combined with a red skirt would work but it really does! The pink softens the outfit and actually enhances my pale complexion - something all fair skinned girls will understand. Although I love this skirt just for the pattern and the colour (despite a guy friend describing it as 1960s sofa fabric - thanks bro), the thing I love most about it are the pockets. Pockets! The most underrated and yet most necessary attribute when it comes to buying clothes - for me at least. My only criticism of this skirt is that it doesn't wash well and the colour has faded a tad - looks like I'll be sticking to hand-washing in future. The best thing about it though is that it can be dressed both up and down - it's definitely coming on our beachy family holiday to Cornwall this Saturday and to our more glam New York trip next month. This skirt is all about the versatility.

Cami - Topshop, Skirt - Topshop, Shoes - Topshop (sold out)
I wore this gingham cropped cami so much in my last two weeks at uni (because hello, monochrome!) that it became a bit of a running joke amongst the flat - what is Lydia going to wear tonight? Oh Lydia, we haven't seen that top in a while! It was worth the teasing, I love this top, I pair it with jeans for the day time - what do you think I'm wearing right now? - and either a black skirt or this white A-Line beauty when I'm feeling a bit fancier. It's a staple for me. 
Meanwhile, I've also been living in this A-Line skirt since being home - wearing it everywhere from errands down the road, to a trip to Wimbledon, and racing round some Art Galleries. It just feels a bit dressier than my average denim skirt (photographed in this post) and that bit more trendy. Plus, white to Wimbledon was a no-brainer. Paired with a selection of camis and cropped jumpers and you have my uniform of the moment. Sadly, it's lacking pockets but I suppose the whole white denim thing makes up for that. 
Unfortunately, my heeled sandals are no longer on the Topshop website - I couldn't find them anywhere. But I tweeted about them the day before I bought them (gotta love oversharing on social media) so you can get a clearer sense of what they look like there. I have to say, they're not the comfiest of heels but they're very sweet and summery. I can see myself styling them on our approaching trip to New York - because they just look so Holly Golightly, don't ya think?
So Topshop, keep on bringing it with your skirt game... or you know, maybe not until after pay day. Yeah that'd be ideeeeal.

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