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Friday, 10 July 2015

STYLE || The Work Shoes I'm Kind Of In Love With.

Remember these babies from a diary post a couple weeks back? Yes I've been obsessing over them from the get-go, i.e. when they first arrived in store and I knew I had to make them mine. It's one of the many perks of working in a store like WHISTLES - on the other hand, it also means it's far too tempting to spend all my hard earned cash within the confines of the store itself. What can I say, it's a hard life.
I'm not particularly short, at 5"3 I'm fairly average in terms of height. But seeing me without a pair ankle boots is a real rarity - I hate wearing flats because I'm so used to wearing even the smallest heel on a daily basis. Enter the Jasmine Wooden Clogs. These beauties give me a real a boost, and dare I say it, make me tall. Or at least 5"7. 
I love them not only for the boost in height and because they're so damn trendy, but because they are so comfortable and easy to walk in I could wear them forever. And for a pair of heels, that's a real win. I understand that these clogs might not be to everyone's taste but I've found they've slotted into my wardrobe so perfectly that I've been wearing them on my days off too. Here's how I styled them for a casual everyday look and for drinks in Chelsea with some friends. 

Top - WHISTLES  Skirt - Miss Selfridge Clutch Bag - WHISTLES (sold out - similarClogs - WHISTLES

When I selected these pieces from my wardrobe, I didn't actually notice how WHISTLES heavy this outfit is. Since working there last Summer, I'm kind of used to it. The 'Beauté' T-Shirt is my latest addition and I love it for chilled days at home when I'm surgically attached to my laptop or when I'm going for a more casual look when meeting friends. Paired with my Miss Selfridge A-Line Denim Button Down Skirt - because I've been living in this since March- and my small WHISTLES clutch in baby pink (the colour has been drowned out my the natural sunlight in the photo above but I wrote a post devoted to its beauty here) and you have my go-to outfit of the moment. I love how the brass of the buttons on the skirt offset the tan of the clogs, it feels very effortlessly put-together. 

Dress - Topshop (old) Bag - Mulberry Shoes - WHISTLES

If you follow me on Twitter, then you might have witnessed my clothing crisis last night where I couldn't decide on an outfit to wear to drinks in Chelsea and then onto the pub in Balham. And then the thought of a Little Black Dress hit me smack in the face and I couldn't believe that I'd been stressing all day over something so obvious. I bought this Topshop denim dress in the Easter break and haven't got all that much wear out of it. I know I say this all the time, but it's just so comffffy. Literally, comfort comes first when it comes to buying clothes - if it makes me feel like I'm still in my pjs but looks like I've made an effott then chances are it'll be purchased. That was the case with this dress - it made me feel dressy enough (paired with my beautiful clogs) to fit into a fancy bar in Chelsea and then just the right balance between casual and dressy for a school reunion at my local pub. I wouldn't usually take my Mulberry out with me in the evening but I thought it offset the shoes so perfectly and just added the finishing touches to my simple, classic outfit. And before you click on the Mulberry link and judge me for how much I spent on a handbag four years ago, know that the price has risen dramatically since then! Just to put it out there - phew.
So what do you think? I'm pretty certain my love for these shoes are justified - they make me excited to get up in the morning and put on my uniform. Call it the WHISTLES effect but I'm

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