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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

VIDEO || Beauty Blogger Turned YouTuber.

Yesterday I had the day off work, I was lying in bed when I thought 'Hey, why don't you use today to start a YouTube channel?' and things kinda spiralled out of control from there. Queue ten short videos later, loads of umming and ahhing, and mini panic attacks later, I finally hit publish. This is scary stuff, it's like when I signed up to Blogger all over again! But I thought, look how well that turned out - it took me weeks to finally write a blog post and I'm so happy I did. Sounds like a cliché but sometimes it's good to face your fears. So I've finally added my little channel to the big YouTube world. Eek!
Like I outline in the video, I just wanted to film an introduction to my channel outlining the kinds of videos I'll be making. So far I'm thinking vlogs, hauls (because I'm going to New York in two weeks and that can only mean one thing - Sephora), and more beauty/fashion-related content.

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