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Friday, 21 August 2015

BEAUTY || Alice + Olivia x Nails Inc.

What's this? Another week, another nail polish post as I always say. Yes, like I wrote yesterday, I am a total and utter shopaholic. And even after I published my US Nail Polish Haul last week when I was in the Hamptons, I went into a Sephora hours before flying out of JFK and found the Nails Inc Alice + Olivia collaboration - and also bagged the highly coveted Becca 'Champagne Pop' just to put that out there! - so I was pretty happy with myself, as you can imagine.
I heard about this collaboration through Instagram - how else? - and fell in love with the colours. There are four in total but I couldn't quite justify buying them all after my numerous Essie shopping sprees. So I was faced with a tough decision (please sense my jokey tone) and ended up purchasing 'Midnight Merlot' and 'Rose & Poetry' because they were the most 'Lydia' colours and I could see myself getting plenty of use out of them.
As with all Nails Inc polishes, the quality is just above and beyond any other brand I've tried - you need only type 'Nails Inc' into my blog's search bar to see how much I adore their polishes. God knows how much I've spent on them! But in my nail polish obsessed mind, however, it's all been worth it.
'Midnight Merlot' is a deep purple shade, so dark it's almost black. Although it might not be to everyone's taste, I love wearing dark, dramatic colours as it's just such an easy way to inject a little glamour into my everyday life ha. Again, the formula is dreamy - not too thick, not too thin - and dries so quickly it's almost laughable.
'Rose & Poetry' is the doppelgänger of a Sephora shade I used to pick up every year and wear religiously when I was sixteen. So I have gotten a little nostalgic when I apply it... which is weird when you realise that it's a new polish ha. But like I've said a million times, you pay for the formula when it comes to Nails Inc and I was happy to indulge in this staple colour once again.
As a fashion-loving girl living on a student budget, Alice + Olivia just isn't all that accessible for me at the moment. One day hopefully because their stuff is gorgeous - I may have fallen in love with a grey jumper when I was in the States last week but simply couldn't justify the $500 price tag. I got a phone case instead which speaks volumes about my current finances! But this collaboration with my favourite nail polish brand makes Alice + Olivia a bit more within reach and I love that the colours are inspired by the 70s vibe of AW15. A very pretty yet oh-so-trendy option if you're in the market for a nail polish indulgence.


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