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Sunday, 30 August 2015

BEAUTY || The Beauty Brands I Couldn't Live Without.

This post has been playing on my mind a lot recently. I think it's because I've been spending so much time around beauty counters and my mind starts to wander... If I absolutely had to, which brands would I use exclusively?
Of course, I would never be able to narrow it down to just one. Puh-leaseee. But when I'm applying my make-up in the morning, it's easy to spot some definite trends, i.e. which brands I repeatedly come back to. Recently, it's been all about NARS and Charlotte Tilbury. However, when I was in the States two weeks ago I picked up a lot of Too Faced products and it's rare to find me not donning a Nails Inc polish of some kind.
I've been in love with all things NARS since the end of 2014. It all started with the Satin Luxembourg lip pencil... now I own two bases, four eyeshadows, two blushes, and a slightly worrying number of lip options. The products I couldn't be without? The All Day Weightless Luminous Foundation (i.e the only full-coverage base I've ever loved) and the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in 'Sex Machine' - the ultimate dusty pink, everyday lip.

If I could, I would own the entire Charlotte Tilbury range - but my bank balance says otherwise ha. Yes, this brand is pricey - and probably the most I would ever spend on make-up. As much as I love this make-up guru's products, this range just isn't accessible on a student budget so I have my select items that I indulge in.
I gushed about the Filmstar Bronze & Glow at the start of the month and I can honestly say that it's one of my favourite beauty products ever. Yes, ever. Two buttery, rich powders that work together to give you gorgeously defined features and an oh-so-subtle highlight, I'll happily fork over my £49 - well, I'll wince when I do it - but a repurchase of this wonderful duo is inevitable. My heart broke a little when I hit pan on the highlight last week...
 Other wondrous products include Brow Lift and the Matte Revolution lipstick in Miss Kensington - but again, products worth splurging on if you're looking to spend a little more.

Too Faced is a brand I would gravitate towards in my early teens - I think it was to do with the largely pink packaging and tongue-in-cheek names. I see it as Benefit's controversial older sister ha.
The Hangover Primer has been in my daily rotation ever since I bought it as part of my Sephora Haul because my skin just adores it. As a sufferer of spot-prone yet strangely dehydrated and sensitive skin, this primer is the perfect mix to give my complexion a small burst of moisture in the mornings. A few coats of Better Than Sex mascara, a quick swipe of eyeshadow from the Natural Eyes palette (which I stupidly kept closed for this picture - nice one Lydia! - see it here), and a layer of my favourite Melted Lipstick shade and I'm good to go.

You can never too many Nails Inc polishes in my books. In fact, the bright pink shade in the bottom right hand corner arrived as I was taking this photo - I had to reorganise everything to fit it in! Shows how much an addict I am, huh? I have descended into a full-on obsession - but it's justified! The formula is the perfect balance of thickness, the applicator means it applies like a dream, and dries within ten minutes too. Ideal, if you ask me. But yeah, I'll stop rambling now - just take my word for it, as a nail varnish fanatic, these are the best.
As far as High End brands go, these are my tried and trusted favourites! That's not to say I don't use a whole range of products - including plenty of drugstore alternatives - but I would happily use these four brands forevermore. Finding a make-up brand you trust is like finding your perfect pair of jeans - once you've found it, it's hard to shop anywhere else..!


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